5 Alcohol Alternatives to put in your SoL Cup! ūü•ā

by Rebecca Veksler on May 25, 2022

There’s something for everyone: booze-free bubbly for your next celebration and organic botanical spirits for those who like to sip. For some it can be a challange making the swap to non-alcoholic drinks, but with these amazing options we are able to enjoy our favorite drink without all the hangovers and nasty additives!  Enjoy without moderation and be unapologetic about your wellbeing with these wonderful alcohol free drink alternatives    

Naked Life Spirits

Naked Life Spirits make delicious non-alcoholic cocktails and mixed drinks crafted with distilled botanicals that are unique in flavor and unmistakable in taste. By using these premium ingredients and delicate processes, they are able to transform our natural extracts and unique flavors into classic cocktails and mixed drinks that deliver the unmistakable taste of the drink you love. Not only without the alcohol, but without the sugar or high calories! 

Heaps Normal

The Heaps Normal team has changed the beer game for good, by normalizing mindful drinking. Their story is based on  the simple belief that there's things in life that are too good to be wasted. Heaps Normal have created a beer that tastes so good you won't miss alcohol! Their lager is known for delivering that quintessential, crisp experience without any of the downsides! 

Ms Sans 

These premixed mocktails available in margarita, mojito and more are perfectly mixed so that all you need to do is shake and pour! Ms Sans mocktails are made in Australia without alcohol and with no added sugar. In addition Sans have created Australia’s first non-alcoholic bottle store and online store with a wide variety of alcohol free drinks, so there is something for everyone 

Bax Botanics

Bax Botanics Spirits use organic, fair traded, fair wild herbs to create their special botanic spirits. We are so inspired by their commitment to sustainability as they use organic and ethically sourced ingredients and wherever possible use recycled and recyclable packaging. Even their bottle labels are printed on material that is a by-product from the sugar! In addition their distillery process uses beaten copper stills in a time-honored way making their alcohol-free drinks pure, honest and beautifully natural! 



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