5 Calming Studios to inspire your next Yoga Session!

by Rebecca Veksler on June 21, 2022
Today is National Yoga Day! Yay! 

At SoL, we are all about looking after your mind and body, and yoga is the perfect way to take care of both. Yoga's incorporation of meditation and breathing can help improve a person's mental well-being. Regular yoga practice creates mental clarity and calmness; increases body awareness and also improves your physical health!

In celebration of International Yoga Day here are our 5 Favorite local yoga and fitness studios that you should check out for your next yoga session! 


  • Fluid Form 
  • Fluid Form focuses on making a meaningful impact on the mind and body - this is where true wellness stems from. The Fluidform method has been validated and endorsed by celebrities, fitness influencers, elite athletes, in-studio clients, and thousands of online members globally for its unique and proven approach to movement! 


  • Body Mind Life
  • Body Mind Life is the ultimate oasis for all things yoga, pilates, fitness and mindfulness. Body Mind Life was the first studio in Australia dedicated to Vinyasa Yoga, hosting an array of local and international teachers who offer consistent world-class training.


  • Peaches Pilates  
  • Peaches is a collection of boutique fitness studios offering a wide variety of classes designed for TBT - Total Body Toning. Members of Peaches enjoy treating their bodies to Pilates, Boxing, Barre, Weights, Cardio, HIIT, Yoga and Yin classes. Peaches is a community of like minded people who love to support each other on their journey to health and happiness.


  • Soul Agenda
  • At Soul Agenda, their intention is to nourish community connections, create a loving and safe space for transformation, teach with intention and integrity, and support the empowerment, education, and personal development of all their students and teachers. Soul Agenda encourages all their clients to live SoLfuly. 


  • Yoganic
  • Yoganic is more than just a yoga, Pilates and barre studio, it's a place to connect with your body and mind, a community of like minded people. We come to move our bodies, disconnect from our day to day lives and to have fun. Peaches is there to help you relax from your busy day, go with the flow of life and remind you of your unique strengths. 


    We hope our guide has inspired your next meditation, workout and mindful moment. Grab your SoL Bottle, your yoga mat and head to one of these amazing studios for your next yoga session. 


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