5 Coffee Alternatives to Inspire your next SoLful Sip!

by Rebecca Veksler on May 20, 2022
Yes we all love coffee but…this one's for the matcha lovers and the chai chuggers! Our SoL cups are the perfect vessel for your favourite drink, whatever that may be. Here is a list of our current favourite coffee alternatives to inspire your next SoLful sip! 
Glow Proteins was founded with a rebellious spirit and one optimistic objective:  To reduce the half-empty, ineffective & unused wellness supplements sitting in people’s pantries & make wellness as effortless, effective, trustworthy and joyful for as many people as possible. Glow Protein’s Calm & Focus Vanilla Chai Latte Powder is one of our favorites at the SoL Cups office! Not only does it taste like a dream but it also works to enhance your body's resilience to mental and physical stress, helping to reduce cortisol levels whilst also improving total sleep time and quality! Add 2 teaspoons to your warm milk, pour into your Coastal Cream 8oz SoL Cup and enjoy. 
Matcha Maiden is the embodiment of their desire to unite respect for matcha’s traditional roots with affordability, accessibility and ease of use. Representing their mission to revolutionize the way the world perceives this nutritious and delicious powder – from “old-fashioned tea” to “superfood”. Consisting only of pure green tea leaves stone-ground into a fine but densely nutritious bright green powder, their Matcha is Japanese certified organic and filled with so much green goodness that it has up to 137 times the antioxidants and 10 times the nutritional equivalent of regular green tea! Make your next morning matcha in your Soft Sage Green SoL Cup for a Matcha made in heaven! 
Mayde Tea was born out of a deep love for the natural healing properties of plants. We cultivate simple daily rituals to enrich your wellbeing. Mayde Tea blends are a delicious salve for mind, body and soul, allowing you to savor nature’s healing power at any time of day. Every tea is created in harmony with your body and the environment, made with herbs harvested in their native location where they thrive best. This refreshing herbal blend can be enjoyed hot or cold. Either way, this tea will nourish you with antioxidants that support the digestive system. Brew hot, and leave to chill overnight in the fridge. Serve over ice in a beautiful Naked SoL Cup.
Naked Harvest is an all-natural supplements company, set out to provide you with supplements that nourish, fuel, complement and optimise your day. The best bit? Each of their products have been carefully formulated using only the finest ingredients mother nature has to offer. We adore their Pine Coconut Collagen, which tastes like a summer holiday! Collagen enriches your body and helps you glow from within! Enjoy your collagen in one of our Tropical Coral SoL Bottles and take it with you to enjoy throughout the day. 

Beauty Chef has created bio-fermented, nutrient-rich, probiotic formulas for gut health, glowing skin and wellbeing. The Hydration Inner Beauty boost is a bio-fermented probiotic elixir to replenish thirsty, lacklustre skin from within and nourish your gut. With magnesium for electrolyte balance, as well as cucumber water, finger lime and trace minerals.This naturally coconut-flavoured concentrate restores your body’s hydration levels when consumed as directed with water. Healthy hydration levels moisturise the skin from within to maintain its texture and appearance, protect your skin barrier function and aid digestion. Add a tbsp of Inner Beauty Boost to your next smoothie and pop it in your Blue Stone 16oz SoL Cup (which is perfect for a smoothie on the go!), to look as good as you feel!

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