A beginner guide to becoming plastic free by founder, Rebecca Veksler

by Rebecca Veksler on May 31, 2021


Going plastic free doesn't have to sound so scary. It is all about taking small meaningful steps and making more thoughtful consumer decisions. 


I love the idea of being a beginner in this eco warrior world, because it will teach you so many valuable lessons along the way about the environment, your health and your own sense of self.


My biggest advice is to take 1 step at a time.


Once you master step one, only then can you move to step 2 and so on.


Plan ahead, create small achievable goals, and tick them off one by one!


Not only will this instil better habits, it creates an addictive positive impact on the planet and your brain. 


Every time you check something off your to do list, oxytocin is released, the addictive, happy hormone that gets us hooked! Along with serotonin this is the pathway to your success on this plastic free journey.


Small, positive steps to going plastic free start with training your brain.  


I recommend starting with your re-usable cup or water bottle.


These are the most accessible things in our day to day, and lets be honest, everyone drinks coffee and everyone drinks water. Find a brand that screams your name, and dive in! 


My next step is hold yourself accountable, take this journey on with a friend or family member, and together make a rule. No cup, no coffee. 


No bottle, then find a drinking fountain! Ask your local cafe for a glass of water, or wait until you arrive at your destination. 


Small steps, huge impacts. 


Here are some of my top tips of how not to forget your SoL Cup


  • Set a reminder-notification on your phone to remember your SoL Cup before you leave home in the morning.
  • Have a ‘Forgot my SoL-Cup’-jar at the office and pay a penalty every time you forget your cup.
  • Put your cup in your bag or in front of the front-door before going to bed at night.
  • Buy multiple SoL cups and keep one at each of your bases: home, office, friends.. Don’t worry, they’ll last for years!
  • Make a pact with your best friend to send a photo every day of your cup to keep each other accountable (selfies encouraged!)
  • Get your Barista to deny you your coffee, unless you bring your SoL Cup #lessonlearnt #nocoffeeforyou


These are just some starting points to begin your plastic free journey!

There are so many incredible changes you can make, that essentially make no difference to your life, but directly impact our environment tremendously. 


Swap that plastic bag for a re-usable tote, start using glass re-usable containers instead of plastic, make small conscious consumer decisions.


Consume less, waste less. 


We only have 1 planet! Lets keep it safe and beautiful together. 


Rebecca Veksler - SoL Cups


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