Be Mindful this May.

by Rebecca Veksler on May 02, 2022
With our busy life and work schedules, we often forget to take a moment to ourselves and be present. Mindfulness is an important, often overlooked ability that allows us as humans to be completely present, aware of our surroundings and take a moment to gather our thoughts.
We are all able to be mindful, but by practicing mindfulness and making it part of our daily routine, we are able to have more control over our emotions and mindset. As you spend more time practicing mindfulness, you will slowly start to see yourself becoming happier, calmer and more patient.  
Here are three simple yet effective ways to practice mindfulness each day! 
1. Take a moment 
Pause what you are doing, put down your phone and take in your surroundings. We spend a lot of time dwelling on the past or worrying about the future and so the aim of mindfulness is to bring your attention to the present moment and focus your mind on being grounded. By doing so we are able to calm ourselves down and rationally dissect the challenges in our lives. 
2. Position yourself 
Sit comfortably in a quiet environment. Ground yourself by placing your feet on the floor or crossing them comfortably. Straighten your upper body softly, with shoulders back and let your arms fall comfortably beside you. By positioning yourself comfortably, you will find it easier to focus your attention to your mind and breathing. 
3. Breathe
Whether you’re sitting at your desk or you simply have some spare time to yourself, close your eyes and practice breath work. Bring attention to the way you are breathing, slowly allow air to pass through your nose and out of your mouth and focus on the rising and falling of your belly. By doing this we bring total awareness to our breath and are able to be mindful.
A Mindful Moment from our Founder

Mindfulness to me is having a true connection to the self, and having a holistic understanding of what your needs and wants are. It is vital to make time for mindful moments as a Founder. As the everyday tasks can become overwhelming and exhausting, so looking after yourself as a first priority is the number one piece of advice I can share. If you're not optimal, how can you support your team and be an empowered leader?  Running a business can feel very serious sometimes. I’m an avid believer in play = joy, so I like to ensure that I include something fun, silly, playful, joyful in my day to day, between meetings or whenever possible. This is my version of a mindful moment.

My hula hoop and my trusty personal trampoline are my go-to’s - and they are always in the office or at home to ensure I keep my inner child and creativity flowing! That’s just one of the ways I keep balance in my life, because there is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying your life and work all at the same time! just a gentle reminder to anyone that needs to hear this right now.
- Rebecca Veksler, Founder of SoL Cups ❤️
And remember, a change in our lives begins with a change in our minds. 

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