Borosilicate...the glass that will Last!

by Rebecca Veksler on June 16, 2022


At SoL we strive to deliver the most luxurious and high quality reusable products with you in mind. What really sets us apart from the rest is that SoL chooses 100% Hand Blown, Borosilicate glass. Now… we know it may not seem so exciting to talk about glass BUT we promise that this is actually very cool and interesting! Because the truth is not all glass is the same, what we put into our bodies and our planet makes a difference. 

Standard glassware is usually made from soda-lime glass as it is readily available and cheaper to produce, however the chemicals used to create it result in the glass being susceptible to shock and not able to handle extreme changes in heat. Meaning they break easily when dropped and can’t be put in the dishwasher or hold hot liquids. 

Borosilicate glass is made from naturally abundant materials – namely sand – and is far less permeable than plastics. Meaning our hand blown glass won’t absorb residual tastes, odours or germs, and won’t leach chemicals into your beverage and body!

Borosilicate changes the behavior of glass and makes it thermal shock resistant, so you can put it in the dishwasher, put it in the microwave, use it to store hot liquids or leave it out in the sun! Our SoL cups and bottles are perfect for enjoying your morning coffees, winter soups and afternoon herbal tea without worrying about shattering or cracking the glass. 

It’s easy to settle for a cheap plastic bottle, but at SoL our philosophy is quality over quantity, and purchasing long-lasting products is money well-spent. If handled with care and love, borosilicate glass will last a lifetime.

Invest in your health and our planet with SoL. 


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