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Bursting the Balloon by #SOLMATE Rocket & Honey

"From oceans to lakesides, from deserts to forests; balloons are being found in the most pristine and wild habitats"


Balloon Time

Let's talk a tad more serious for a little bit. I'm always trying to keep my blog posts super positive and upbeat, but sometimes a slightly more serious tone is needed.

We all love balloons right? We love them at kids birthday parties, weddings, New Year, any event really, even at funerals as a way to say goodbye to loved ones. However, we may feel like there is a sense of romance to them, but unfortunately, your balloon will not reach your loved ones in heaven or on the other side of the world. The truth is, every single balloon that goes up into the air, purposely or not, will end up back on the ground or in the ocean. It will become yet another piece of dirty litre, covering our beautiful landscape in drapes of plastic.




Let's Go Back in Time

Much like chewing gum, rubber gloves and many other products, balloons are made out of latex. Now there is much confusion about whether latex disintegrates or not. So I thought I would clear things up slightly. Latex is a form of rubber which can be both made naturally from a rubber tree or synthetically. Originally when balloons were first designed they were made from the milk of a rubber tree, and so they would naturally start to disintegrate within an hour of going into the air.

Unfortunately, the problem is now, that balloons are made with synthetically designed rubber/latex and so they do not disintegrate the way they used to. Every single balloon that goes into the air will eventually come back down and litre our land and our seas.

It's so easy to think out of sight out of mind. Unfortunately the same also applies the other way round. Once you've seen something it's hard to clear it from your mind. Especially if it's something that shocks you.




Wanderlust Covered in Plastic

When travelling South East Asia, I was utterly shocked at the sights I saw. The amount rubbish absolutely everywhere. Waters in Bali so dirty you can't swim in them. Meanwhile, people are sitting around pools at beach clubs sipping their fancy cocktails in plastic cups through plastic straws. The irony hey?

Balloons are such a simple thing that people pass by, and forget about when it comes to talking about plastic pollution. We need to remember that everytime a burst balloon drops to the ground, more inevitably than not it will be picked up by an animal. A bird making a nest, a fish searching for food or even a turtle getting tangled by the strings.




Be Conscious

Keep this in mind and please, please think about it next time you go to blow a balloon up. Be responsible and either recycle these products in soft plastic bins that you can find at supermarkets or better yet, don't use them. There are so many alternative decorations that can be used that don't litre our planet or kill animals in the process.

So this is a plea... Be conscious of your daily consumption and don't be naive. Think before you buy and don't be ignorant about the small things in life. It may seem small to you but in reality, the effects aren't quite as small it may seem.


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