Eco-Warrior, Educator, and Conscious Consumer: The Unique Brand Philosophy of SoL Cups

by Rebecca Veksler on January 20, 2023

At SoL Cups, we pride ourselves on being the ultimate eco-warrior, education platform, and conscious consumer brand. Our commitment to sustainability is at the core of everything we do, and it's what sets us apart from the rest.

As an eco-warrior brand, we understand the importance of reducing waste and protecting our environment. By using a SoL Cup or Bottle, you're committing to making a positive impact on the world around you. Choosing to not use single-use plastic prevents it from ending up in landfills and contributes to making the world a more sustainable place.

But we don't just stop at producing sustainable products, we also use our social platforms as an open forum for inspiring and educating. We collaborate with other thought leaders in the industry through podcasts and events, motivating everyone to live more sustainably.

As a conscious consumer brand, we believe in the practice of conscious consumerism. We want to support our customers to make positive decisions throughout their buying process. By shopping sustainably with SoL Cups, every sip you take has a positive impact on our world. We do this through our corporate packages and workshops, hosted by founder Rebecca Veksler, where we educate and empower our customers to make more sustainable choices.

Our commitment to sustainability is not only limited to the environmental aspect but also in our beautiful design. Our products are hand-designed, developed, and thoughtfully curated to be beautiful, functional and sustainable. Our glass is made from hand-blown borosilicate and individually hand-polished, making SoL the most mindful and intentional purchase you'll ever make.

SoL Cups is not just a brand that sells products, we are a brand that believes in the power of change and want to contribute to make the world a better place. By choosing SoL Cups, you're not just buying a product, you're making a conscious decision to support a sustainable future.

Happy Sipping!

Rebecca Veksler SoL Cups Founder.


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