Femmé Organic

by Rebecca Veksler on November 26, 2021

Femmé Organic is a family-owned and operated business founded in 2021 that aims to inspire change worldwide through its 100% Natural Organic Cotton products.

Sisters fed up with an industry overrun by harmful products and a brother who has taken a front-row seat to their struggles, together, our family have vowed to be a recipe for change. What started as a common grievance within a female-dominated family has become a real means to tackle it - Femmé Organic.

As a Family & a Company, Femmé Organic is dedicated to protect and create a better future. We will allow our customers to feel empowered through the variety of our Natural Organic Cotton Products, ensure all processes are ethical and beneficial for both individuals and the environment, and lastly, provide products for women and all who menstruate. #femméorganic


1. Tell us about Femme Organic - What is your mission!

We are determined to educate anyone who will listen. To drive a movement that establishes protective measures against the consequences of using unsuitable period products, empowering consumers to reclaim their bodies. The world needs to normalise natural solutions for nature’s occurrences, and that starts with Femmè Organic.

2. Tell us about your product, why is it so special?


Femmé Organic is a family-owned and operated Australian business founded in 2021 that aims to inspire change around the world through its 100% Organic Cotton products - Femmé Organic comprises a range of different Feminine Hygiene products which all have the key focus of providing health benefits for our consumers in which we can guarantee that our products are:


-Made from 100% Organic Cotton


-Recyclable; we are one of the few Organic Companies that can provide paper packaging per unit for our tampons.

-Vegan Friendly 



3. What are some of Femme Organic's core values?

Women's Health:

Femmé Organic comprises a range of products that all have the key focus of providing health benefits to our consumers – this is our assurance.

- Our products are made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton; cotton is a pure and natural fibre known for its soft texture as well as being delicate on all types of skin.

- As our products are made from pure cotton natural fibres, we are able to promote the benefits associated with their organic makeup. In turn, the naturality and absence of harmful chemicals work to prevent the risk of itching, irritations and allergies.

- The cotton used in all products is purified without the use of chlorine or dioxins (these are chemicals that are often to whiten other substances such as cellulose, rayon & viscose).

- We pride ourselves on our commitment to avoiding artificial chemicals to scent our products. This environmentally and consumer conscious decision allows the user to avoid potential irritation or allergies due to friction or direct contact with artificial allergens.

- Gynaecologists, midwives and obstetricians recommend the use of cotton in intimate feminine hygiene and, in particular, for more sensitive, atopic skins and those that suffer allergies

- Our products ensure no pesticides are used & are hypoallergenic.


Femmè Organic prides itself on only providing the highest quality products for women’s health. In doing so, we make sure there are no compromises when it comes to our environmental footprint

- All of our products and packaging are made with natural, biodegradable & recyclable materials which have a less environmental impact with the goal of reducing waste wherever possible

– We are one of the only distributors on the market who supply tampon units with paper packaging.

- Organic cotton allows us to strengthen the soil with crop rotation - this is achieved within an annual cycle that is fully conscious of the environment; present and future.

- During the manufacturing process of our organic products we use techniques that minimize the use of chemicals, water and energy. These practices occur at our hydroelectric plant that uses natural means to produce more electricity.

- All of our products are free from pesticides & synthetic fertilisers - our manufacturing processes for organic cotton allows us to reduce the usage of water & protect the quality of the soil.


It is important to us that all processes at Femmé Organic are of the highest quality. Equally important is the commitment we have to our ethical production, so we have put in place the following measures:

- Femmé Organic has a 0% child and forced labour production process guarantee. Through this, we ensure that at no point during the cultivation and production chain do we use child or forced labour.

- All our workers are provided with a satisfactory wage that adheres to all local regulations. At no time are not they made to work hours that are excessive or in conditions that endanger their safety. Beyond this, we consciously seek to mitigate discrimination during the recruitment and all workers are given the right to join any partnership/collective representation.

- All kinds of forced labour and violent or inhumane treatment are prohibited, guaranteeing safe, hygienic working conditions.

- Farmers and manufacturers all receive appropriate training to create a safe working environment.


 Femme Organic works to provide unique products for all individuals regardless of their shape, size, ethnicity, faith OR gender. We make it clear that menstruation is not strictly a ‘women’s issue’ but rather an issue for PEOPLE who menstruate.

- Not everyone who needs our products identifies as female, and in no way do we intend to contribute to the ongoing experiences of gender dysphoria for those who are underrepresented in this market.

- Our products are made for the people with the goal of empowering consumers by giving them the option of high-quality safe products.

- All kinds of forced labour and violent or inhumane treatment are prohibited, guaranteeing safe, hygienic working conditions.

- Farmers and manufacturers all receive appropriate training to create a safe working environment.

4. Tell us your biggest learning when it comes to running your business & sustainability?

-Managing costs & quality; it is important to have products which are sustainable and of the highest quality, in which we can ensure all of products are Organic Cotton and imported from Europe with Organic cotton allowing us to strengthen the soil with crop rotation as well as allowing us to reduce the usage and water and energy during the manufacturing stage.

This allows for the highest quality of products, however, these processes and operations are more expensive and costly than usual practices so it is important to communicate the key benefits of our products, and manage the right pricing to ensure the price they are paying is as a result of the high quality + true value of the product

5 How do you implement sustainability into your daily practice, what makes you a solmate?

Both the girls and I use the reusable cups every day! It has made it a lot easier whether its for coffee before work or a water bottle throughout the day - this has allowed us to reduce the wastage in plastic and overall make a conscious effort in which we:

-choosing paper bags over plastic
-buying organic produce and products
-investing in reusable stainless steel products for lunches rather than one time use plastic
-composting leftovers after meals
-bringing a reusable coffee cup to your local cafe
- purchasing locally made products



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