Get Ready for Plastic Free July with SoL!

by Rebecca Veksler on June 17, 2022

If you’ve been a SoLmate since the beginning, you know that Plastic Free July is one of the most important times of the year for us! But for those of you who keep hearing about it and have no idea what we are talking about… This blog will get you up to speed.  

At SoL we stand up for sustainability, our mission is to end single-use plastics and decrease the need for plastic production all together! We believe that if everyone makes a small shift in their daily habits, the planet will be a cleaner place and our futures will be greener. We are passionate about supporting community projects whose goals reflect ours, as well as help to educate our community about the problems we face due to plastic production, and the easy things we can do to decrease our individual plastic footprint! So Plastic Free July sits very close to our hearts at SoL. 

What once began as a local initiative in 2011 has now become a global movement! This year, Plastic Free July will see millions of people around the world pledge to be more aware of their plastic use and “choose to refuse”. To put the importance of Plastic Free July in perspective, think about every toothbrush, every cosmetic, every pen you’ve ever used still exists somewhere in the world today - pretty scary. 

You may think that by recycling some items you are doing enough but unfortunately that is not the case. Even when plastic is recycled or broken down - it still exists. Throughout this process often pieces of microplastics are released into the environment and are even more difficult to eradicate. So next time you are about to make a purchase, think about the impact it will have on our planet and if it really is necessary, or if there is a reusable alternative you can swap them for!  

Use Plastic Free July as a way to start or support your journey towards a plastic free lifestyle! Take the pledge against plastic with SoL, we’ll hold your hand every step of the way. 

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