Q&A with The Daily Routine!

by Rebecca Veksler on June 23, 2022
We spoke with Anjali from the The Daily Routine and asked her all about their mission and what makes their products so special! 
At SoL we are passionate about supporting businesses whose projects and values reflect ours, as well as help to educate our community. We love connecting with The Daily Routine as they create solutions to the problems we face due to plastic production.
The Daily Routine is paving the way for sustainable hand wash and body care products! Read below to hear what makes TDR so incredible! 


1. Tell us about The Daily Routine - What is your mission!
The Daily Routine is a brand started by two besties, on a mission to stop our dependance and usage of single use plastics in our everyday lives. We do this by innovating Eco-luxury essentials - on repeat. Starting off with our hand wash, we have repurposed dishwashing pods to house personal care products instead, making it a sustainable and more affordable eco-friendly switch!
2. Tell us about The Daily Routine product, why is it so special?
Our products are the first of its kind in the global market, let alone Australia itself. Our chic keeper bottles are made from PCR (post consumer recycled plastics) and our ever so instagrammable liquid refill pods, are completely biodegradable and leave no trace behind when dissolved. We have also launched our essential oils, allowing our customers to find their own signature scent at home, whilst still sticking to our sustainable roots.This has allowed us to create a subscription service with our products that ensures we save on space, waste and money in our daily routines!
3. What are some of The Daily Routine's core values?
At our core we value honesty, quality and community. We have learned the importance of building trust with your customers and this happens when you are happily honest about your mistakes, taking each one as a learning curve to build stronger relationships and foundations of a quickly-growing business. One of the main issues in the marketspace was that there were no affordable, durable and good quality eco-friendly products available, hence we have made it our vision to solve this gap, by consistently refining our products so that they can be the best of their kind! And lastly, community is our everything, without their loyalty and their enthusiasm about taking steps forward to build a greener future, our brand wouldn’t thrive the same way it does now. For us, The Daily Routine is more than just another brand, rather we’re a revolution!
4. Tell us your biggest learning when it comes to running your business and being environmentally & sustainable?
Our biggest learning about running a sustainable business is understanding what customers are looking for, so that we can inspire the everyday person to invest in products that will allow them to lead greener lifestyles. This is then followed by realising how hard it is to gain media attention and coverage, in order to spread awareness about our brand and its values.
5. How do you implement sustainability into your daily practice? What makes you a SoLmate?
We implement sustainability into our daily lives by creating a product that can be carried through all aspects of everyday living with ease. By creating a unique refillable system that looks good enough to eat, our future line of products have endless possibilities! We are proud to be SoLmates as both our brands have created products that champion the best of both worlds, sustainability and aesthetics!


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