How to have a more SoLful Easter! Sustainable Easter ideas.

by Rebecca Veksler on April 06, 2022

Easter is just around the corner and is a time for fun, celebrations and of course LOTS of chocolate! But in these times of fun, we often get distracted and forget how important our impact on the planet is...

In Australia alone, thousands of tonnes of waste are created by producing unnecessary, unsustainable waste from packaging and decorations.

Here are some tips to enjoy your easter in a more sustainable way!

Ditch the plastic!

Create your own easter decorations with recycled objects from around the house! DIY easter baskets are a cute and fun way to avoid buying wasteful, unsustainable easter hampers Avoid using plastics, Styrofoam and confetti - instead opt for recycled cardboard, paper or even some grass from your backyard! if you're looking for the ultimate gifts for your loved ones during this holiday season opt for one of our beautiful reusable SoL Cups or glass drink SoL water bottles. They make an amazing plastic free gift. 

Make your own treats!

Easter means hot-cross buns, chocolate eggs and lots of other sweet treats but these usually come wrapped in plastic. A fun and sustainable way to avoid this is to make your own easter treats! Try baking some fresh hot-cross buns or some colourful easter eggs!

Recycle your easter egg foil!

Did you know that 100% of aluminium foil is recyclable? After enjoying your Easter eggs collect all small pieces of foil, roll them into small balls and recycle them! By doing this we avoid incorrectly recycling foil with paper. Just by doing this small step we can save up-to 95% of the resources necessary to produce new aluminium products!

We would love to hear some of your ideas for having a more sustainable easter! Tag us in your instagram posts for us to re-share :) 


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