International Woman's Day - An ode to audacious women everywhere

by Rebecca Veksler on March 02, 2021

Hannah Rankine, host of The Han Jan Ran Show, lives and works in London, although she spent over three years living in Sydney and considers both places home. Hannah's investment in learning about others' experiences, and her curiosity and care for equality and equity fuels all of her work. This includes hosting and producing her podcast, writing, speaking and content creating. She has also worked in communications for over seven years across luxury fashion and lifestyle.


Hannah celebrates audacity and breaking down boundaries for the greater good. Through speaking with others about their process of defying expectations and making positive change, Hannah’s work covers a spectrum of topics shared from the heart.

We are lucky enough to have Hannah share some words below,

I am an advocate for living a life filled with passion and audacity. As I attempt to psycho-analyse myself while writing that sentence the obvious place that this hunger to “live hard” stems from is suffering. That may sound oxymoronic but it is through surviving the heart breaks, the grief, the struggle, the loss of self, instability and the fear that we are driven to demand more and become capable of growing to new heights. The unpredictability of life is inconvenient, let’s be honest, but it is a certainty (hello… pandemic! And randomly developing epilepsy in 2020 - that was fun!). However there are two things I can and must rely on: my values and my tribe. 

So let me break it down...

I have big dreams. You do too, right? I know that if they are ever going to happen I need to look after my physical, mental and spiritual well being. If I defy my value system then all three of those aspects will be out of whack. While I am busy creating a more beautiful world for me, I want to ensure I’m making it even more beautiful for others. And so does SoL. SoL also celebrates the pursuit of an invigorating life, which is why they’re a perfect match for me! Whether I am taking care of my mental health on a long winter walk with a cuppa in hand or ensuring I am keeping myself hydrated while I spend hours editing my next podcast episode, I know SoL Cups have my back. By incorporating them into my routine and my life I am taking care of my physical by ensuring I’m hydrated with my gorgeous glass bottle sitting on my desk; my mental by getting out of the house with my re-usable cup of tea; and my spiritual through knowing I am using sustainable products that aren’t harming the environment. Tick, tick, tick!!

Well that is the values and ethical side of things and they’re all well and good, but without my people I wouldn’t have anyone to help me define them or to hold me accountable to them. As it is International Women’s Day I thought I would celebrate the #SoLMates in my life that keep me being the audacious queen I strive to be. 

SolMates Number 1: My mumma and my sister. Mum is the woman who inspires me to dress colourfully and to show up as boldly as my heart desires. If I ever feel compelled to shrink myself, to quieten my voice or dim my light, my mum is there to tell me to be even louder. She loves me so hard I feel capable of pretty much anything but she will also challenge me on my grammar and to keep upping my game as a podcast host. I appreciate that she understands my drive and willingness to improve and is prepared to receive a few eyerolls from yours truly in order to help me get there. And my sister has shown me what kindness really looks like and how to navigate a healthy and rewarding relationship, something I strive for myself.

SolMates Number 2: My girlfriends. These women individually inspire me and collectively hold me up to be brave, authentic and excellent. They also show me how vulnerability is a strength and not the opposite. Throughout my trials and tribulations they’ve held me together but even more importantly they are the reason for my laughter and joy. When I look back over the various chapters in my life, yes the difficult parts stand out, but when I zoom in it is the time I cried with laughter in my friend’s car eating vegan brownies telling ridiculous stories about a man called Peter that shines the brightest. Or the time a gf bought me fancy cupcakes to celebrate my second year of sobriety which we gorged on in the park, under the sun, giggling on a blanket. Life wouldn’t be so sweet without them.

SolMates Number 3: The inspirations. I look to women for inspiration, every. single. day. It might be that I quickly look to Tracee Ellis Ross’ instagram to remind me how fun it is to wear bright colours or reading Pandora Sykes’ articles thinking ‘damn, I wanna write like that’. Or it may well be the unsung hero that demonstrates courage and grace. I have been incredibly cheeky and started a podcast for the purely selfish agenda of pinning some of the women who inspire me down in order to ask them all the things I want to know about them. One of those women is SoLCups founder, Rebecca Vaksler, another is my mum and many are my girlfriends.

I can’t celebrate my tribe enough because behind every great woman is a whole group of even greater women. 

I hope that taking a moment to pause and take stock of how your value system is best supported and showing some gratitude to your crew will give the fuel to celebrate yourself and let your audacious spirit shine. 

Hannah’s podcast is called The Han Jan Ran Show and is available wherever you listen to podcasts. Keep up with Hannah’s audacious journey on instagram @hanjanran

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