KYND SCENT: Gift With Purchase Feature!

by Rebecca Veksler on June 03, 2021

Hey SoLmates!

Rebecca here, I recently sat down with my good friend and the incredible team from Kynd Scent to explore a little bit more about what makes their range of premium oils so special and also sustainable ! Co-Founders Emily Ings and Rachel Finch combined their passions and skill set to create the most wonderful range of natural face and body oils! We are so lucky to partner up and offer our amazing VIP SoLmates this generous FREE gift with purchase when you spend $70 or more on our online store. 

Tell us about Kynd Scent - What is your mission!

Here at Kynd Scent, our mission is to educate women on the value of switching to all-natural personal care products. Living a low-tox life is something we’re truly passionate about and we want to share our message of wellness with as many people as we possibly can.

All Kynd Scent Perfumes and Face & Body Oils are made from 100% natural ingredients, lovingly handmade here in Australia, as well as vegan friendly and cruelty-free.

Whilst we love the products we have created, what we are most proud of is our partnership with We have pledged to plant 5 trees for every Kynd Scent product sold. Trees for the Future is an incredible charity that is revolutionising regenerative agriculture and changing the lives of impoverished farmers and their families futures. Being able to give back and be part of such a significant movement has been super rewarding for our team.


 Tell us about the product we are giving away, why is it so special?


Our Raspberry Remedy Face Oil was designed to add a little luxury to your every-day skincare routine. Raspberry Seed oil, rich in phytosterols and alpha linolenic acid, work to repair and regenerate skin, whilst Rose acts as a soothing tonic, reducing inflammation and redness.

 What are some of Kynd Scent core values?

Quality beyond all else! When we say it’s 100% natural, it really is. We source the very best ingredients (world-wide) to ensure the potency and performance of every single product.

Transparency is also super important to us, you should never have to wonder what is in a product you’re putting directly onto your skin!


Tell us your biggest learning when it comes to running your business?

Learning to be flexible and allowing the vision to pivot or change. In this day and age, the business world moves quickly and what customers need and want is forever changing. I think it’s most important to be able to stay attuned to your ideal customer and meet their needs whilst also maintaining your core values as a business and individual!


5 How do you implement sustainability into your daily practice, what makes you a SoLmate

For us, our commitment is to continue to refine our products and practises to move further along on our sustainability journey. As our business evolves, so do our initiatives to more sustainable practises, including our packaging and where we source the natural ingredients for our products from. The packaging for our Face & Body Oils are printed on FSC certified paper. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certification creates responsible practices that protect the world’s forest and is governed by WWF Global. Wherever possible, we source our natural ingredients from businesses and farms that have a heavy focus on sustainability themselves, and where the ‘For Life’ certification has been given. The ‘For Life’ certification represents a business that is mindful in both their consumption and use of natural resources (soil, water etc) as well as how they care for their employees and their greater community – which we think is extra special!


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