by Rebecca Veksler on January 10, 2022
  1. MADE FOR MUMS was established to support mums at any stage of motherhood. It is the manifestation of lived experience, sage words of wisdom and love from those who have been through it all before.


    Our considered collection of hampers is what mums need with a little of what mums want. Each hamper features perfectly packaged, handpicked treasures and treats to support and spoil mums at any stage of motherhood. Our hampers are designed to inspire strength and serenity and make mums feel supported, nourished and appreciated – the ultimate gifts for any mum.


    MADE FOR MUMS was established to shine a light on the journey of motherhood and provide real support for mums at any stage. I also wanted to build awareness of postnatal depression and the services available to support mums and families, including Gidget Foundation Australia and PANDA – two services that supported me, personally.


    But MADE FOR MUMS is more than just a thoughtful gift. It’s an invitation to join a community of mums across the country. Our Mummy Village is a hub of support – a place where mums can be seen, heard and connected. It is open to anyone (including dads) and aims to inspire strength, support and a sense of community. (Launching mid-late 2022)


    Motherhood can be tough and lonely, but it also fills us with boundless love. It’s been one hell of a ride for me, but the support I’ve received has helped me through every twist and turn.


    I hope MADE FOR MUMS helps lighten the burden of a mum you know – and makes her feel loved, a little less alone and a whole lot more appreciated.


    We help you find the perfect practical gift for those expecting and new mums in your life, filled with all of the essential products they actually need to thrive during this new chapter of their life.

    1. Tell us about the products, why is it so special?

    When I was pregnant with my second child, I received a hamper filled with everything I had relied on when I had my first baby. It was then that I realised there was no hamper available that truly supported new mums.


    So, I set out to create the ultimate offerings to make mums feel loved, seen and heard.


    Our products are all eco-friendly, 99% organic and vegan. 100% Palm oil-free. Beautifully sustainable packaged and 99% made from our own homeland Australia.


    I feel they are so special because most of our suppliers are family-run businesses and made with passion and love and energetically once you have them in your possession you can feel the love and an instant calm and warmth.

    1. What are some of M4M core values?
    • Giving meets giving back (we donate $5 per hamper sold to Gidget Foundation Australia)
    • Eco-friendly products
    • Family run business
    • Have a real passion and need to want to support mums in any stage of their journey by sharing my story and creating a safe space for them to share theirs.
    1. Tell us your biggest learning when it comes to running your business & sustainability?
    • In regards to sustainability, I didn’t realise how many cheeky ingredients were in our everyday products until I did my research and saw what was actually in certain things. I have made our packaging and products all eco friendly to help our environment so our children can have a bright future.
    • In regards to running a business – wow ha! Too many but my main one would always make time for my kids. I found I was getting lost with wanting to ‘perfect’ everything and that just isn’t sustainable. Nothing is perfect and it was taking me away from my kids and family so I had to let go a little and trust the universe that it was all going to work out.... 13months later here we are I couldn’t be happier and it's just the beginning.

    5. How do you implement sustainability into your daily practice, what makes you a SoLmates?
    - we are recycling all our items in the house when we go shopping. The kids are involved now too and know what and where things go. We made it a fun exercise for our eldest.

    • Growing our own fresh herbs and veggies (another exercise we do with the kids)
    • Choosing non-plastic items when grocery shopping and reusing glass jars (for e.g olive jar) for our own herbs and spreads I have been making.
    • We try not to use a lot of lights in the house too. We have our favourite lamp and often candles are lit once kids go to bed. During the day we are fortunate enough to get a lot of light so lights are not essential.

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