Nutrition + Wellness With Tris Alexandra

by Rebecca Veksler on March 28, 2022

Recently, founder of SoL Rebecca Veksler connected with the team from Whole Earth and Sea, they exclusively shared some insights about their brand and their devotion to natural ingredients, being a B corp and moving in a sustainable direction. We spoke to their ambassorder Tris Alexandra on why she is an ambassador for the brand and what makes her a SoLmate as well. 


About Whole Earth and Sea®

All the goodness of wholefoods, in supplement form.
At Whole Earth & Sea
®, we know that nature is our greatest source for health and vitality. And that whole vegetables, fruits and herbs are where we find optimal nutrients.

But with busy lifestyles and changes in seasonality, getting the right wholefoods into our diets all the time can be a challenge. This is where we come in. We harness the vital energies of high-potency foods, most of which we’ve been growing on our organic farm in Canada’s pristine Okanagan Valley for almost 25 years. And we bring those vital energies to you in supplement form.

Just like nature, we don’t deliver naked, isolated vitamins. Our supplements are whole and uncompromising, just as they should be.

Our Organic Farm

We chose the Okanagan Valley in Canada as the place our certified organic farm would call home. We believe in the power of nature and delivering the nutrients of our wholefoods in their purest forms. This means using non-GMO seeds. Fertilising our farm with compost and keeping it chemical and pesticide free. Meticulously caring for our crops by hand. And harvesting each crop at its peak.

Farm Fresh FactorsTM Blends

Most of our supplements start with our specially developed Farm Fresh FactorsTM blends. These blends are a powerful combination of organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs. We use the whole plant or fruit, including the peel, stem, and seeds, because they’re all rich sources of antioxidants. And because we want to ensure that nothing goes to waste.

How We Make Our Supplements

Our commitment to capturing the vitality of wholefoods doesn’t stop at our farm. We gently process ingredients whole with our exclusive, innovative processing method that preserves their natural goodness. We call this EnviroSimplex®. Unlike traditional methods, which can destroy a plant’s nutrients through unnatural levels of heat and light, EnviroSimplex® is gentle, and preserves the life force of our ingredients.

Quality, Always

We care about the quality of our products. That’s why they’re tested at every step of the way by ISURA, an independent, non-profit testing and certification organisation. So you know that only the best supplements make it into your hands.

A Proud B Corp®

We’re proud to say that we’re carbon neutral, and that we’re a certified B Corporation®.
At Whole Earth & Sea
®, we believe in respecting nature. That’s why we use organic, regenerative agriculture practices, and sustainable and recycled packaging. And it’s why we reuse as much we can, like converting our organic manufacturing waste into certified animal feed and organic soil.

Carbon Neutral
Sustainability is more than just a corporate value for us. At Whole Earth and Sea®, we’re constantly working to reduce the amount of waste we generate, which is why we’ve worked hard to become carbon neutral.

Tell us about Tris Alexandra - What is your mission!

My mission is to educate and empower women to understand and tune into their unique body, build healthy habits and confidently navigate their own health through holistic nutrition. I’m passionate about helping people discover a love of wholefoods through easy healthy recipes. Our nutrition and lifestyle has a huge impact across our whole life and we can make choices that have a positive effect on our body, mind and soul. I believe our health and the health of our Earth and interconnected, and we have the power to make healthy choices for ourselves that also contribute to the health of our Earth.


Tell us about how you became a Nutritionist?

It was my own personal health journey that led me on my path to practising as a Clinical Nutritionist, focusing on women’s health and hormones, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and fertility. After a PCOS and hypothalamic amenorrhea diagnosis in my early 20s, I began making changes to my nutrition and lifestyle, using nutritional medicine to balance my hormones and reverse my PCOS symptoms. Over time I was able to transform my health naturally, restoring healthy menstrual cycles, clearing hormonal acne, getting rid of hormonal bloating, and bringing my hormones back into balance. I was blessed to fall pregnant naturally and have a healthy pregnancy and baby after being told by my Doctor I wouldn’t be able to conceive naturally. It was this first-hand experience where I saw the powerful effect nutrition and lifestyle has on our health and wellbeing that led me on my journey to becoming a Nutritionist. 


What are some of Tris Alexandra core values?

My core values include supporting and encouraging women to tune into their bodies and make healthier choices for themselves, their family and our environment, through holistic nutrition. This aligns with my own way of living and I aim to be mindful of how I treat my body and tune in to what my body is telling me it needs. Everything I do at Tris Alexandra Nutrition + Wellness is in alignment with my core values which means I only ever share products I’ve researched, love and use myself. I’ve been using Whole Earth & Sea certified organic wholefood supplements and decided to partner with them as an Ambassador to share our aligned mission of supporting our health through quality wholefoods, whilst being conscious of the health of our environment. 


Tell us your biggest learning when it comes to the environment & sustainability?

Environmental sustainability can feel like a huge issue, but each one of us can make a difference by being conscious of our choices to contribute to a healthier Earth and healthier body. From the food we consume, supplements we choose, to our household cleaning products, skincare, hair care, cosmetics, and of course a huge one – plastics like straws and takeaway coffee cups, all have an impact on our environment and our health. I discovered there are lots of ways we can contribute to being more eco-friendly, so rather than trying to do everything at once, picking a few swaps and going from there makes it achievable and all makes a difference to our environment.


How do you implement sustainability into your daily practice, what makes you a SoLmate?

I aim to make sustainable choices as much as possible in my daily routine. For me, this means choosing vegies and fruit that aren’t wrapped in plastic, using reusable produce bags and reducing food waste by planning my meals and using all fresh produce I buy each week. The supplements I choose from Whole Earth & Sea are made from certified organic wholefoods, so they are chemical and pesticide free and B Corp Certified, meaning they have sustainable practices. I also use reusable water bottles and coffee cups, and opt for low-tox, sustainable brands for my household cleaning products and beauty products. I’m not perfect, but I’m learning and making better choices all the time.


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