Our Top 5 Cafes in Bondi

by Rebecca Veksler on August 26, 2019

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When i’m not in the office, I am most definitely in one of my favourite locals at Bondi. It’s taken me some time to narrow down this list to my top 5, but it can definitely be said, if you can’t find me by mobile, i’m probably hiding away at one of the below.


5. Gertrude and Alice

Gertrude and Alice is one of Bondi’s most adored and famous gems. Owned by the beautiful Jane Turner, in the heart of hall street. Gertrude is famous around the world for its incredible collection of books, chai tea and smooth long black. With its no wifi policy, this is the dream land to escape with a book, a notepad or some music and a seriously good coffee. This is the place to come on a rainy sunday morning.

4. Lox Stock and Barrel

This is where I come after a serious work out. This is the ultimate nourishing breakfast bowl hotspot, the original Bowlarama, irreplaceable and unable to replicate. No one does it better. The best part, for all you almond milk drinkers, Lox make their own; infused with real vanilla bean. Smooth, silky, perfect coffee every single time. This is the ultimate NY vibe diner, with a serious Bondi soul.

3. Cali Press

This is where you will bump into the entire population of Bondi, This is where every body knows your name, where you can never feel lonely, this is the heart of Bondi, the pit stop before work, after a workout, the entrepreneurs office or the social hot spot.  The ultimate people watching, sunny cafe, from satisfying the needs of us GF, SF, DF, everything naughty free foodies, to cold pressed juices, excellent coffee and powerful wifi, this is where you need to be.

2. Earth Food Store

This is the ritual, the morning meeting destination. Every Monday we gather as a team over buckwheat pancakes and epic coffee to discuss the new week of strategies and goals. This is my home and away from home. From fresh organic produce and wholefoods, homely goods, to nourishing takeaways, the Earth Food Store is the organic lovers dream stop.  There is no flaw in this cafe, just honest, good food and coffee.  The legendary Caroline, owner and operator was also the very first SoL Cup stockist in Australia, and who just happens to know my family and i for the last 25 years. This store holds a very special place in my heart.

1. Harry’s Cafe

When you need an outstanding coffee experience, this where you go. The champions of specialty coffee, Chris, Harry and Maria have taken the Bean game to a whole new level. This year Harry’s began roasting their very own blend, creating magic, and an easy choice for number 1. The food is always on trend, healthy, playful and delicious. The staff, your new best friends. Fitout, Flawless.


All of these incredible Bondi locals are also SoL Cup stockists, be sure to snap us in your Instagram post next time you visit!


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