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by Rebecca Veksler on August 26, 2019


Juice is something that I don’t drink often enough. I know it can have a very high sugar content & add extra calories to your day, but if you treat it like a snack it’s something that can prevent you from snacking on foods/drinks that are much worse, & can be way more calorie dense. Fruit isn’t the enemy when it comes to health. Yes, everything in moderation, but there are definitely worse things we can be consuming. Fruit is full of vitamins that are so beneficial to keeping us, fit & healthy. So the more juice the better I say. Just don’t go too juice crazy.

Being from the UK, hot Christmases are definitely something I’m not quite used to yet. I’m craving sugar like crazy (as it’s Christmas) but it’s way too hot to overeat. Unlike the UK where it’s so cold, you can fit double the amount of Christmas meals in.

So I decided to come up with a solution. 90% of the time when we think we are hungry we are actually thirsty. In this crazy heat, it’s so important to stay hydrated (thank goodness my Sol Cup arrived in time for summer). Whilst those sugar craving as still niggling away, there’s nothing more perfect than a nice refreshing, cold, healthy juice to keep your energy levels up.



Pink Juice

Pretty pink, hydrating & nutritious all at the same time, what more could you ask for? Oh, I also forgot to mention that it tastes super duper yummy. This Pink Juice is full of vitamins to keep you well balanced over the summer days. It’s the perfect pick me up for those lazy afternoons or an awesome booster just before you get sweaty at the gym.



Did you know?

  • You can get your daily amount of Vitamin C in just one cup of mango

  • Kiwifruit contains almost 20 natural vitamins & has the nickname the superfruit

  • Lemons contain more potassium than apples or grapes which is amazing for the heart

  • Raspberries have antioxidant & inflammatory properties & taste like sweets when frozen




The Recipe – Pink Juice | Sol Syle 

1/2 mango
1/2 kiwi
1/2 lemon
1 cup frozen raspberries
300-400ml Cold Water
4 cubes Ice
Add all ingredients to a blender
Top the bottle up with water
Pour into 16OZ Sol Cup
Top with Ice
& Enjoy on a hot summers day



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