Plastic Free July Month Long Campaign!

by Rebecca Veksler on June 29, 2021

July isn't just any month. It's Plastic Free July, which means we get use power as a brand to create as much awareness and thought around the mindset of eradicating single use plastics from our life! As the founder of SoL Cups, my entire mission and vision to be a platform for inspiration and education! To empower consumers to make more conscious decisions when it comes to the brands they purchase from! That's why I created such a special, high quality glassware range of reusable products, to completely diminish the need to produce plastic all together! Life is just better without it!  

Plastic free July is so important to us as we face a crisis of single-use plastic production and consumption. Production of virgin plastic is forecast to increase globally by 30% over the next 5 years for which we have limited solutions for its end of life, where today most of it ends up not recycled, in landfill or our oceans.

Here are some fun facts for you SoLmates! 

* Plastic is made from fossil fuels.

* Because the world is cutting back on coal, oil and gas, the big FF companies are turning to plastics to save them their bottom lines. What do you know, the big FF companies are now spruiking that production of single-use plastics is set to grow 30% in the next five years. They are PROUD that plastics will account for 20% of oil consumption by 2050 and consume 15% of the Earth’s overall carbon budget.

* Plastic production produces methane. Which is 80 times more heating of the climate than C02 in a two decade period.

* We ingest a credit card-sized amount of plastic each week via our food and water.

* And, I kid you not, plastic (and other endocrinal disrupting chemicals) ingestion is causing penises to shrink and sperm to decline dramatically (look it up!).

So in saying all of that, for the entire month ahead I will be joining forces with some impeccable brands, thought leaders and inspiring humans to talk all things sustainability, health, business and how we can all inspire each other to be better humans during this vital awareness month of Plastic Free July! 


Speakers will join me on Instagram live, which we will turn into an IGTV so nobody misses out!! The schedule is below:


01/07/21 at 4:30

Single Use Ain't Sexy
06/07/21 at 11:30 Resparkle 
07/07/21 at 3:00pm DJ Tigerlily
09/07/21 at 6:00pm  ESG Marks
14/07/21 at 7:00pm OrganiCup
16/07/21 at 11:00am ECO STORE 
20/07/21 at 4:30pm Sustainable Salons
26/07/21 at 5:00pm

Oh Natural NZ

27/07/21 at 3:00pm Matty Fahd & TMRW Kids


And more to come!! So stay tuned, join us on social media @solcups and tag us on your own sustainable journey this month! We are so grateful for you SoLmates! 



Love and Light,


Rebecca - Founder 


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