Q&A with the Founder of sustainable lifestyle brand, Ettitude.

by Rebecca Veksler on July 29, 2022

1. Tell us about Ettitude - What is your core mission?

ettitude is a material science company and a sustainable lifestyle brand offering sustainably-made bedding, sleepwear, bathware and accessories made from the world’s first CleanBamboo fabric. 

We are founded on the belief that comfort shouldn’t come at a cost to people or the planet. 

Our mission is always to innovate ways we can all more easily adopt an eco-attitude—where comfort and quality is not compromised by a commitment to conscious living. 

Our CleanBamboo is the only bamboo fabric that uses a non-toxic solvent and recycles 98% of the solution up to 200 times to turn raw bamboo into the silky-soft sheets you know and love.


2. Tell us how the word “ sustainability “ makes you feel. What does it mean to you?

Motivated and hopeful. A decade ago, sustainability was a dirty word in lifestyle and fashion. Now, it is an essential pillar of business. 

Sustainability is a huge word that means something different to everybody. To me, it means ensuring my actions line up with my beliefs. It means small everyday changes that have potential to have a net-positive impact. And it means a cleaner, better future where we can thrive without compromising the planet. 


3. Tell us your biggest learning when it comes to the environment & sustainability? ( Tell us about your wins and learnings )

The whole concept for ettitude came to me when I realised there was a big issue with waste and toxicity in textile manufacturing. I learnt this through working in the industry but also as a consumer, just searching for sustainable and comfortable alternatives to cotton sheets. 

Establishing and growing ettitude has taught me that business growth and sustainability are not mutually exclusive concepts… but the fundamentals have to be right. 

For us, that means the primary product – our CleanBamboo textile – has always been the hero that we build everything else around. It’s an incredible textile that’s made in a way that saves water, produces half the emissions of cotton and requires no toxic chemicals to produce. And it’s both extremely soft and durable. 

 I’m the first to admit that we’re not perfect, but each year we dedicate ourselves to improving. Some of the recent wins I’m proud of include:

  • Becoming cerfitifed BCorp (and achieving a high score!)

  • Our partnership with Carbon Neutral

  • An ongoing partnership with 1% For The Planet 

  • We have signed on to be part of the Responsible Packaging Movement and are working to introduce 100% plastic free packaging this year.


What’s to come:

  • To enhance customer transparency, we’re working with BCOME to develop an impact counter that tracks the water, carbon and waste associated with every product.


4.  Your best advice to anyone wanting to begin their sustainability journey, where did you start?

Small changes are important. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. One change will often lead to many changes. So, look at your home and your everyday routine and ask yourself: what is one thing I can stop buying or swap out for a more sustainable alternative? 

For business leaders and operators, you don’t have to do it alone. There are other companies trying to figure it all out too. We are even a part of a slack channel called “Climate Neutral Brand Community.” 


5. We know nobody is perfect and sometimes we make mistakes or forget our reusable coffee cup, how do you feel when you aren't hitting the mark on your sustainable goals ..what do you do to reset and not feel overwhelmed by the pressures?

Remember the big picture. It’s easy to get disheartened when something isn’t going quite right. But it’s better to be imperfectly ambitious with your sustainable goals than not to try at all.


By Phoebe Yu, Founder of Ettitude. 

Head to the Ettitude website to learn more and browse their range of beautiful bamboo lifestyle products! 


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