Rebecca Veksler Chats All Things Sustainable Fashion With Co-Managing Director Shaun Greenblo from Boody

by Rebecca Veksler on October 27, 2021

From quality, sustainable, everyday basics to relaxed essentials all crafted in organically-grown bamboo - everything we create is made with one goal in mind: to make you feel good.

  1. Tell us about Boody - What is your mission!

  • Boody was born from a collective passion, drive and demand for a simpler wardrobe made from sustainable fabrics that supported the everyday lifestyle.

  • This passion saw my Dad, David and his friend Neil, on a journey to simply design better basics; both bringing their experience in fashion and pharmacy together to force sustainable change.

  • 10 years on, Boody is made up of a team of sustainable changemakers, including myself and Elliot - Neil's son. Our team all work to not just deliver a product that's better for the planet but to use Boody as a platform to be real, transparent, open and honest - we owe it to the planet to be better.

  • Our mission is to “champion a future fit for all”, so we emphasise quality, simplicity and sustainability in everything we do. We bypass trends and fads as we believe they lead to overconsumption and waste. Everything we create is made to make our community feel good. And that leads us to deliver soft, simple and sustainable essentials that are good for you and the planet. 

  1. Tell us about the Boody products, why is it so special?

  • Our garments are thoughtfully crafted from organically grown bamboo, which is what makes them super soft, comfy, breathable and most importantly, sustainable. 

  • We put sustainable thinking at the centre of everything we do. It inspires us to constantly innovate, keeping people and the planet top of mind.

  • When discovering Boody, you’ll notice each of our products have an impact index. This is a tool that calculates the environmental impact of each product. By measuring our own environmental footprint, we can inform our community about the environmental benefits when better practices are used. 

  • We are a brand that truly cares - about you and the planet. We’re working to build an environmentally conscious community and it means the world to us (literally) those who have chosen to join us. 

  • Also, did you know that 1% of all our online sales are donated to nonprofits who help protect the environment? By choosing Boody you’ve made a sustainable choice in giving back to the planet. 1% of all our online sales are donated to nonprofits who help protect the environment.

  1. What are some of Boody core values?
  • As mentioned before, our brand purpose is to champion a future fit for all. Our brand promise encompases all our brand pillars into one short and powerful sentence. We will use our platform to champion sustainability.

  • We are future focused and everything we do is to protect our planet. We always like a play on words and ‘fit’ does just that. We make basics so yeah fit is important but fit also represents inclusion, diversity and community spirit. Our purpose is our driver and will be the ongoing force used to help Boody grow.

Our brand pillars include 

  • Health & Wellness
  • Taking good care of ourselves in both body and mind creates a virtuous circle for health and wellbeing. We hold health and wellness high in our everyday routine and incorporate this messaging in all that we do.

  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • For each individual to bring their best self forward, a sense of belonging must first be established. Having a real human connection and celebrating diversity and individuality is executed visually at Boody.

  • Sustainability: We are 100% committed to do even better for our community and the planet.

    1. Tell us your biggest learning when it comes to running a Business & sustainability?

    • My biggest learning is that investing in people is our single greatest asset. Our people are everything. We are a family business, literally, but we extend that to our team and the way we operate Boody. Our people, and in turn our community inspire leadership, inspire us to champion great things, inspire us to innovate and make bold moves. 

    • The next is to establish your core values as a business, and make every decision, big or small, through the lens of those core values. At Boody, our core values are high-spirited, driven, caring and considered, so whether we’re hiring, creating product, partnering with a vendor or developing a strategy, we assess our decisions against these core values. What ends up happening is that your team become more aligned, you make a lot less mistakes and your messaging becomes stronger because the community you’re trying to inspire are aligned and on the journey with you.

    5 How do you implement sustainability into your daily practice, what makes you a solmate?

    Living by the ocean and inspired by the ocean. I call it my reset button. 

    As a result I’m face to face with nature every day, and therefore inspired to look after it. 

    I also have two young boys, Noa and Asher, so I’m conscious that the decisions we make today will affect their future. 

    I do a lot of small things at home - composting, using sustainable cleaning products, soft plastic recycling, moderating my meat consumption in my family etc, but I realise that the greatest impact I can have is through my business, because this is where I’m able to reach and inspire the most people. So I’ve taken it as my responsibility to lead our impact strategy at Boody. We’re currently working on a 2025 roadmap to zero impact. It’s a work in progress, but it will set out the strategic pillars and then actual tasks to achieve this. It’s an exciting time for us!


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