Rebecca Veksler, Founder of Sol Cups interview with Melissa Giuffrida Founder of Collécte

by Rebecca Veksler on August 26, 2021

Melissa is an interior decorator with a passion for authentic design.

Born in Melbourne, Melissa spent her early career working for two major fashion and cosmetic companies before furthering her studies at RMIT in Interior Decoration.

Following her studies, Melissa co-founded interior decorating firm, G&C Design, and focused on residential spaces for the next seven years.

Melissa spent the next five years living in the USA with her family, where she took the opportunity to expand her knowledge of Interiors, working for a high-end online furniture consignment marketplace.

On her return from overseas, Melissa returned to work as an interior decorator and continued to be frustrated by the easy availability of replica goods, and the lack of avenues to source pre-owned authentic designer goods in Australia. 

Melissa started Collécte in 2020 to fix this problem creating a marketplace where Collécte is synonymous with Authenticity.


About Collécte

When returning to Australia in 2017, after 5 years living overseas, Melissa was disheartened by the abundance of retailers selling replica furniture. Collécte soon became Melissa’s mission to eradicate the uncertain and complicated nature of acquiring genuine pre-owned designer furniture and accessories online. Launched in 2020 and carefully curated by founder, Melissa Giuffrida, Collécte is an innovative platform derived from 25 years’ experience in design and management. 

Anchored in authenticity and accessibility, Collécte is Australia’s first end to end online marketplace for pre-owned designer goods. Exciting and ever-changing, Collécte offers a collection of eclectic and high-end furniture, lighting, rugs, artworks and accessories. Sellers can list their designer items via Collécte’s website in three easy steps. Approved items will be curated and viewable online within 48 hours. Once sold, Collécte charges a competitive commission rate and arranges the shipping and logistics of the good/s directly from seller to buyer, ensuring a hassle free and streamline service for their users.

  • Tell us about yourself - What is your mission!
  • I have been working in fashion, cosmetics and interiors for close to 30 years. Interiors, however, has always been my passion and led me to qualify in Interior Decoration & Design in 2007 and start my own interior decorating business in 2008. After a 5-year stint living in the USA I returned to Australia and launched Collécte in 2020 albeit during a pandemic! 

    My mission is pre-owned designer furniture should be authentic and accessible. I would love to eliminate the need for replica designer furniture and accessories in the market.

  • Tell us about Collécte, why is it so special?
  • Collécte, is an Australian marketplace purposely curated to offer authentic, branded pre-owned designer furniture and accessories. It’s a fully automated marketplace directly connecting buyers & sellers. Every item is curated by the Collécte team to guarantee authenticity so that all Collécte users can be confident that they are shopping genuine authentic pieces. We also take care of all the shipping!

  • What are some of your business core values?
  • Authenticity guaranteed – You won’t find any replica furniture for sale on Collécte.

    Curated marketplace – We approve every listing for sale. 

    Easy to use – Easy 3 step listing process for sellers to list their items for sale.

    Competitive Commission - we have invested in automation to keep the costs of the transactions down for our users.  This translates into less commission being charged to our sellers to transact, and more money in our user’s pockets. 

  • Tell us your biggest learning when it comes to running your business?
  • The biggest learning to date in running Collécte has been understanding the large role technology plays in the business.  It is critical that we enable our buyers and sellers to connect with one another as simply as possible.  Listening to users, understanding their needs and reacting to that feedback quickly is a real focus.  I must admit the last 15 months has been exciting and exhausting, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

  • How do you implement sustainability into your daily practice, what makes you a solmate?
  • At Collécte we believe in the value of the circular economy. For us, the circular economy means eliminating waste by providing a trusted destination for people to buy and sell quality pieces. Once an item sells on Collécte it is shipped directly from seller to buyer, therefore no unnecessary shipping or storage is involved, reducing our carbon footprint.

    At home we have eliminated all plastic storage containers, drink bottles and plastic bags and replaced these with glass, stainless steel and reusable bags.

    My family and I also have a goal to try and pick up at least one piece of plastic/rubbish a day off the street to help protect our wildlife.


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