SecondFit Be A Part Of A Community Creating Sustainable Change.

by Rebecca Veksler on February 24, 2022

1. Tell us about Second Fit - What is your mission!

SECOND FIT (SF) mission is to create an environment where women feel empowered nor judged for decluttering their wardrobes.
From this SECOND FITS impact is women have a platform where they feel safe while reducing their environmental impact to supporting great Australian ethical companies.

2. Tell us about the Second Fit, why is it so special?

What sets SECOND FIT apart from other current marketplaces is the SF app has no social status, we at SF believe there is enough of that on other current platforms and SF wants to create a truly welcoming environment.

SECOND FIT has also partnered up with amazing ethical Australian conscious brands that reward SF members via a coupon system where members receive discounts from a range of products.

We are going to purchase new products in the future but if SF can draw attention to the right ones now that is something special.

3. What are some of Second Fit core values?

- SECOND FIT as a company believes everybody has a valuable piece of clothing that can find its second fit.

- For everyone on the SECOND FIT platform to feel safe and empowered.

- To create a sense of community where anyone can join!

4. Tell us your biggest learning when it comes to the environment & sustainability?

When SF conducted market research from surveys the data that we received was alarming to the team, from 70% of new items being purchased for an event only being worn four times or under. To the average female purchasing 27 kilograms of clothing each year and majority finding its way to landfill or just sitting in their wardrobes for years.

Therefore, we at SECOND FIT believe we are truly solving a problem for future SF members, and we only hope that the Australian population embraces the SF vision once the app is released later this year.

5 How do you implement sustainability into your daily practice, what makes you a solmate?

I believe once you see the impact, society is having on the planet it’s the little changes we can make in our daily practices. For myself, it is having a reuse water bottle on me too when I’m about to buy something new for myself or others, I always ask myself do I truly need this and will it actually be used?

We can’t just stop society from purchasing products but supporting companies that are making the right decisions to reduce the impact left behind is a step in the direction and one I look for when purchasing.

Australia has amazing brands emerging all trying to solve massive environmental problems I can’t wait to see what we can all accomplish together.


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