SoL Founder Rebecca interviews the amazing business Naked Sundays! - Our next Free Gift With Purchase!!!

by Rebecca Veksler on June 18, 2021

Hey SoLmates!

Rebecca here, I recently sat down with my good friend and the incredible team from Naked Sundays to explore a little bit more about what makes their SPF50+ Collagen Glow Mineral sunscreen so unique and also sustainable. 


We are so lucky to partner up and offer our amazing VIP SoLmates this generous FREE gift with purchase when you spend $70 or more on our online store. 

Tell us about Naked Sundays 

We are all about skin-loving, high-performance, multi-purpose, hands-free SPF designed to make your morning routine as easy as 1,2! After witnessing two close friends get skin cancers cut out of their faces we knew something had to be done when it came to wearing SPF over your make-up and making it simple to top-up throughout the day.  We made it our mission to change the status quo and update the conversation surrounding SPF through our fun, simple, high performance products. 


Tell us about the product we are giving away, why is it special? 

Our new Collagen Glow 100% Mineral SPF 50+ Lotion is a BRAND NEW era of SPF. It’s scientifically formulated to suit all skin types (especially sensitive skin and eyes). It’s our wonder product because it acts as a 4 in 1 (primer, moisturiser, SPF & collagen-booster). It rubs in 100% transparent (very rare for a mineral SPF) and adds a subtle glow without being oily or greasy. The added vegan collagen helps boost moisture and smooths skin, while our watermelon extract adds hydration and vitamin C for radiant skin. 


What are NS’s core values?

  • Protect your skin now for glowy and healthy skin in the future,
  • Confidence comes from within, it’s so important to love the skin you are in,
  • Live every day like it’s a Sunday; filled with self-love & carefree vibes. And of course a whole ‘lotta lilac 😉


 Tell us your biggest learning when it comes to running NS business? 

Success comes to those who work for it! If you love what you do, no day feels like work. Running Naked Sundays has been a dream of mine for such a long time, seeing it come to life has been a huge and incredible journey. I am so grateful for our tribe, who are always sharing their love for Naked Sundays, and it still comes as such a pleasant surprise to see every post on social. Especially a joy when I meet people who have changed their habits around SPF in real life. 



How do you implement sustainability into your daily practice / what makes you a ‘SoLmate’ ? 

At Naked Sundays, we are dedicated to providing our tribe with skin-loving sunscreen testing only on sun-loving humans. Our products are 100% vegan, environmentally friendly, Australian made and recyclable or reusable. We are committed to less plastic and more reusable products so everything is packed in beautiful reusable purses and boxes. 💜🍃🐠


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