SoL's Top Tips On Why To Use A Reusable Drink Bottle

by Rebecca Veksler on February 21, 2022


You might already intuitively understand how plastic water bottles are bad for the environment. They take oil to produce and are nearly impossible to biodegrade, which is exactly why we have the great garbage patch in the ocean. Plastic just doesn’t go away easily. But you might not be aware of the specifics.

Plastic bottles are a significant contributor to plastic pollution in the worlds oceans.

A plastic water bottle starts off as oil, as all plastics do. So before the bottle is even created, it requires the drilling and extraction of oil and then its refinement. This process in itself creates a tremendous environmental impact. According to an infographic created by Printwand, it takes 17 million barrels of oil per year to make a year’s supply of disposable water bottles. To put that into more everyday terms, that means that the oil required to create each bottle would be able to fill up about ¼ of the bottle created. So for a 20oz bottle that would be 5oz of crude oil, or about a barrel of oil for every 1000 bottles. By comparison, you can get 20 gallons of motor fuel out of a barrel of oil. So not only are plastic bottles environmentally damaging, they contribute to inflated gas prices. All in all, from oil extraction to bottle creation to actually bottling the water, it is reported that this process of bottling water contributes 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide pollution per year. The bottling of water and its transport is the least efficient means of delivering water to human beings in history.

And this is all before the bottle is even used. Once the bottle is disposed of – either properly or improperly – it creates a burden on landfills and our natural environment. Here are some brief statistics on what happens to plastic bottles once they are used:

  • Plastic waste, including bottles, kills an estimated 1.1 million marine animals per year.
  • 38 billion water bottles end up in US landfills per year.
  • Plastics require about 700 years to dissolve, meaning they accumulate rapidly in the environment and have negative impacts for centuries.

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