Support Local Businesses - The Go Green Expo

by Rebecca Veksler on August 26, 2019

Support Local Businesses – The Go Green Expo

Support & Connect

Here at Sol Cups, we're all about supporting each other. We want to help and grow with other small businesses. We love the aspect of community and we love helping each other grow in positive ways. If you didn't know already, we also started out as a small business.

The word about living a sustainble life is spreading and we are here at the perfect time, along with all these other amazing businesses. So it is our aim to work together in ways that we can grow and support each other. You may be thinking that some of these other companies are our competition, and maybe you're right, but when has knocked down other people ever gained anything? It hasn't which is why we look to grow together and make strong relationships instead.

Happy, healthy, sustainable, and beautiful.



The Founder

Rebecca Veksler the founder started Sol Cups to create an ethical and sustainble product that took care of her health, and also took care of the environment. Sol Cups are completely chemical and plastic free. Which means they are lightweight, crystal clear and feel amazing to drink from, did we mention they look amazing too!?!

The manufacturing and processing side of the business are also ethical and sustainble. The glass is handblown, and the packing is handmade. Rebecca wanted to create a solution to the effect over-consumption of plastic is having on our health and the environment. Sol cups are reusable, and perfect for every day.

Happy, healthy, sustainable, and beautiful. Embracing taste and ending waste.


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Go Green

We were so proud to have a stall at New Zealand, Auckland Go Green Expo this weekend. It's amazing to connect with other like-minded people that are starting up businesses and making a difference to not only peoples lives but also to the planet. Our planet.

The Go Green Expo is a sustainble lifestyle show, in fact, it's New Zealand's biggest Green Living and sustainble lifestyle show!  With different sections including beauty, health, food, eco-living, and wellness. There was something for everybody there, and there was definitely a lot of people there enjoying new sustainble products they had never seen before.

Shop responsibly, your purchasing is your voice.



Top Buys

Obviously, we couldn't resist supporting some of the other companies in person. So we took it upon ourselves to have a mini shopping spree.

Some of our top buys from The Go Green Expo:

Raw Nature: Bug stick, Lip Butter, Deodorant - All in plastic-free packaging.

Lakoko Balm: Botanical Wisdom. Nourish your skin, Calm your mind and Elevate your spirit.

Be + Humble: Kawakawa + Hemp. Made by proud Maori women who look to our traditional practices for guidance. Shop Local

Angel Food: Dairy-free Cheese  Alternatives that taste great! Angel Food has grown from a cosy kitchen startup

Dent Tabs: A waste-free way to brush your teeth, chemical free, organic and vegan

Good Buzz: Kombucha, the perfect drink for fixing that gut health. Made locally in NZ with all natural ingredients. No Nasties

Raglan Coconut Yoghurt: "Joy in a Jar" Made locally in Raglan, Nz. This coconut yoghurt is made from pesticide-free coconut making them 100% organic.



The Big Day Out

If you can't tell already we had a great day out at The Go Green Expo. Meeting a mixture of people whose aim is the same as ours - To help make life on this planet a little more sustainable, every day in every which way possible.

So next time you go shopping, think about who is behind the business. Is it just another corporate chain, or are you actually making a difference to somebodies day, life, family?

Shop responsibly, your purchasing is your voice.

Love Annie





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