Luxury Fashion, the Sustainable way with the founder of It's After Eight

by Rebecca Veksler on July 27, 2022
1. Tell us about After Eight - What is your core mission?
After Eight is a luxury sustainable fashion platform that offers a new, exciting way to both shop and learn about style and sustainability. We offer the best of local and international sustainable designers online and in-store at our boutique, which is a little slice of NYC tucked away in one of Hobart’s oldest buildings. Coupled with our expert styling services, we cover the who, the what, the why and the wear.
We’re on a clear mission to do some good in an industry riddled with waste and a society lacking knowledge of what’s going on behind the scenes and between the seams. With consumers increasingly seeking transparency and sustainability in fashion, After Eight makes it easier than ever to shop and style your wardrobe sustainably.
2. Tell us how the word “ sustainability “ makes you feel. What does it mean to you?
It’s a word that I associate with learning. The ‘sustainability’ space, especially in fashion, is continually evolving. I’m not perfect and don't profess to know all the answers, but I am passionate about the attempt and pursuit to becoming one step closer to a more sustainable future no matter how small.
A fun example of the evolution of fashion was at Loewe’s recent Spring 23 Paris runway show, which featured garments that sprouted living plants. The collection reflects a movement within the industry to create more plant-based materials that positively impact the planet.
3. Your best advice to anyone wanting to begin their sustainability journey, where did you start?
Start small and start now. Small changes over time lead to big impact. We recently launched PreLoved by After Eight and I believe shopping circular is one of the best ways to start. There is nothing better than finding that perfect one-of-a-kind preloved treasure!
4. How do you implement sustainability into your daily practices now? How do you hold yourself accountable?
Oh gosh, I try not to be too hard on myself about being perfect in all aspects of life, but when it comes to sustainability I do try to be more conscious of it. At After Eight, for example, we recycle all the cardboard and soft plastics (you would be alarmed at how much plastic is still around in the fashion industry). 
I think it’s the little things like carrying a water bottle around with me always, ordering coffee in a reusable cup, taking reusable bags to the supermarket, choosing environmentally friendly packaging when buying online, recycling at home… and of course, making wise fashion choices. It all adds up over time.

5. Your best advice to anyone wanting to make better consumer choices (quality over quantity mentality)
Our philosophy at After Eight is to buy once, buy well. It is something that I have had to work on myself as a lover of fashion and shopping. I think the biggest lesson for me was evolving my thinking around my shopping habits. Stopping before an impulse buy to question myself on whether I really needed it, or thinking about what else I have in my wardrobe that I can pair it back with etc.
So, my best advice would be don’t buy lots of things on sale, buy one thing full price appreciate it and treasure it.

By Emma Petterwood, Founder of After Eight

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