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by Rebecca Veksler on August 26, 2019

Many of us tend to run in the complete opposite direction when being told what to do


Swap it Around the Sustainable Way

Now I know we are constantly being overloaded by being told what we should and shouldn't do these days. "We shouldn't be eating this or doing that, we can't use this but must use that." More often than not people read these articles and feel like their life is completely being controlled by other people. The problem with this is that many of us tend to run in the complete opposite direction when being told what to do.

So rather than telling you what you should and shouldn't be doing, I'm simply going to suggest some easy swaps that I absolutely love. I've been sharing these occasionally on social media over at @rocketandhoney and everybody has really been loving them. Which is why I decided to share them with my all-time favourite #solmates too.




Sustainable Swaps

Face wipes

Now this one I've known about for a while, but I guess you could say I've kind of been lazy and put off listening to my own advice. Facewipes do not disintegrate. They are usually made from 20% viscose and 80% polyester, which means a full 80% of every single use wipes will never biodegrade. You may have heard people saying you can't flush baby wipes or face wipes down the toilet and this is why!

The Answer to all your problems is simply a reusable face cloth and coconut oil. Honestly, I am literally amazed. My skin has never felt so soft and glowy in my life. I have three clothes that I rotate and throw in the wash with my laundry so they are always fresh.

Now I know single-use wipes may have always seemed so practical for everyday use, but the truth is far from it. Wipes clogging up landfills and getting into our oceans is far from practical.

Go natural and give coconut oil a go, you'll love it I promise.




Trendy Kicks

We all want to look super cool and different the whole time but with 300 million pairs of shoes being thrown away each year we need to make a change. A good well-made pair of shoes should be able to last a decent couple of years. My Adidas Pure Boost did, plus they stopped my shin splints.

Sometimes it's worth investing in a more expensive pair that will last longer than buying a new $20 pair every month.

1. You'll save money in the long run

2. You'll save the environment with this sustainable swap

3. Your feet will definitely thank you for the good quality kicks

If you really want to make a difference shop the Parley Collection




Plastic eurgh... Get Creative in the kitchen

We live such fast-paced lives these days that it is easy to get carried away with all the quick and easy food we buy or take away. Unfortunately what we don't take into consideration is all the plastic it's covered in. Maybe it's time to slow life down slightly and eat at home more. Spend time with your family and friends in the kitchen, and be experimental.

I originally started to play around a lot more with food when I transitioned to eating more plant-based. What I didn't realise at the time was how much I was actually saving on soft plastics and all the wrapping most foods are covered in. I'd started making my own vegan aioli and mayo, my own chutneys, and even my own naan bread. I was reducing my waste massively without even realising it. Sustainable swaps are possible.

Have fun and experiment in the kitchen with Rocket & Honey




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