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by Rebecca Veksler on August 26, 2019

If kombucha isn’t on the drinks menu, then don’t trust the place!

The Kombucha Craze

If you’re living in Australia, then you’ve definitely heard of Kombucha before, as literally everybody is obsessed (including me). Before leaving England, I had never heard of it in my life. Even when travelling through South East Asia I had never heard of it. It wasn’t until we arrived in Melbourne, and found a weird jar of alien-like substance in the depth of the cupboard below the sink, that I first discovered kombucha. It turns out our flatmate was brewing the stuff.

I remember thinking it was the strangest thing and literally tasted like vinegar…and then it happened…I was obsessed. It’s amazing, it’s the perfect way to have a fizzy drink without the guilt of either over-consumption of sugar or living off diet sodas full of aspartame and acesulfame. So as you can probably tell, it’s grown on me, and I’m definitely a massive fan.

It’s literally my go to the whole time. Especially when I’m not feeling great. It is the most amazing cure for hangovers, a poorly tummy, a headache, you name it, it heals everything!

Please Explain more…

So what exactly is kombucha your probably asking yourself? Well, let me do a bit of explaining. In short, kombucha is the fermentation of green or black tea. It’s a concoction of tea, sugar and bacteria. It claims to give you improved digestion, more energy, a clearer mind and make you feel less stressed. I’m definitely a believer. You guys will have to give it a go and see what you think. Ethier way, it’s a great fizzy drink alternative.

Kombucha on Tap | Living the Ethical Life

Living in Byron Bay was literally like kombucha heaven. If kombucha isn’t on the drinks menu, then don’t trust the place! More often than not, you’d be in luck and they would have kombucha on tap. If you’re on the hunt, then head over to The General Store, Byron Bay. This place is super new to town, but it’s amazing. They have kombucha on tap, you get 50c off if you take your own SolCup, and you even get 10% off if you ride your bike there. How cool it that!

How do I get my hands on this stuff?

Since leaving Australia, we were super worried we wouldn’t be able to get our hands on the magic drink. We were also desperate to try to brew our own when we were living in Byron Bay, but the fact that we knew we were moving on soon dashed all of our dreams.

So when we arrived in New Zealand it was definitely close to the top of our list of things to make at home. Can you imagine our excitement when we found a scoby at a local health and wellness shop!?!  So it began.

Let the Brewing Begin.


  • 2litres of filtered boiling water
  • 120g organic golden sugar (1/2 cup)
  • 2bags of Green Tea
  • 2bags of Fruit Tea
  • 1 Healthy Kombucha Organism (SCOBY)
  • 1cup of Kombucha Fermented Brew (mother tea)

This is based on using a 2liter Glass Jar.

The easiest way to do this is through buying a Kombucha Starter Kit


  • Pour boiling water over the sugar into a glass jar
  • Stir well to dissolve the sugar
  • Add the tea bags and leave to infuse until it has cooled to room temperature
  • Remove the tea bags then add the culture and mother brew to the cooled mixture
  • Cover tightly with a clean cloth and elastic band
  • Place the brew in a dark cupboard where it can be undisturbed for 7-10 days


*** Oily herbal teas can ruin your brew

After 10 days your kombucha will be ready. Strain off all but 1cup of liquid (this is your mother brew for your next batch). Use fine mesh to strain the liquid, then store in your fridge and drink as you fancy!



P.S This is literally my favourite Sol Cup to drink kombucha out of

It’s literally the perfect size

Kombucha has so many health benefits and I’m such a fan, I hope you are too 🙂

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