The Plastic Free Kickstarter | Part 1 .

by Rebecca Veksler on August 26, 2019

The Plastic Free Kickstarter | Part 1 .

If you ask me, it's the best trend to date!

Drop it Low

Welcome to Part 1.

So you want to cut down on your plastic consumption? Maybe you want to quit it all together or maybe you want to start slow. Either way, I'm here to ease you in and make it the smoothest journey possible for you.

This blog post is going to start from the beginning and help you drop the plastic and give back to nature instead. Like the sound of it? Then keep reading. This post is meant for you. Maybe you're just curious, keep reading, there is so much to learn and you're going to love it.


#planetlove | Kick Starter Part 1

#Planetlove is a section of my blog over at Rocket & Honey where I focus on writing about all things related to making the world a better place. It's a corner of my website where there is a mixture of advice, top tips, recipes, and responsible shopping ideas.

I've decided to spiral it off slightly from Rocket & Honey and bring it over to my beautiful #Solmates, so you too can learn more about ways in which we can improve. Maybe within ourselves or within the environment. Either way, I will be giving out top tips, to heading towards a plastic-free life. Keep reading for Part 1...


Part 1 - Shopping

Consumption that's where it all starts right? I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to have a negative impact on the world when we are buying products. Whether it's food, clothes, kitchenware, beauty products. It's actually pretty easy to make small changes that have a big impact.

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty of shopping in an ethical way:


  • Use scrap fabric to make reusable grocery bags

I have some made out of white lace from old curtains. They are absolutely beautiful, they look stylish, are functional and save the planet from any excess plastic bags. What more could you want? They say that going plastic free is the new trend around town. So if it is, let's make it count. The more people learn and form new habits the less likely we are to go backwards. So if you ask me, it's the best trend to date!


  • Fall in love with jars

Jars are my new best friends...Don't judge me just yet. Any pasta sauces, hummus, coconut yoghurt, that I purchase, I sure to always buy in jars. This not only decreases my plastic consumption, but it also means I have more places to store my nuts, seeds, and spices. I'm obsessed with making the dream packageless pantry. Honestly, as soon as you start collecting them, you won't be able to stop!


  • Make your own Bees Wax wraps

You might have started to see these around. They are literally amazing and yep you've guessed it, they are also super easy to make. Literally, all you need is some scrap fabric (reuse), some beeswax pellets, and ironing board and some newspaper or baking paper. You simply iron on the beeswax until the fabric is covered and there you have it. You're beautiful new beeswax wraps. Perfect for keeping all fruit and veg fresh. Being #plasticfree doesn't have to be expensive. Not when you can make so many products from home.

*There is also an option for using different types of waxes and making this vegan


  • Play around with Fermentation

This is something that I've absolutely loved lately. We waste 1/3 of the food we buy, and so I have been on a mission to reduce the amount of waste I create. My number one tip is to make a waste draw, label it and put it in eyes view in your fridge. That way you will always be inclined to head for the food that needs using first..however tempting the fresh stuff looks.

Also, I've been playing around with fermentation loads lately. My number one favourite is my homemade vinegar. Any skins or peels from fruits I add to a jar of water and sugar, give it a shake every day and let it ferment until I have vinegar. Which is amazing for cleaning or making homemade chutneys.


  • Make your own Linen Bread Bag

These are literally the dream. You can use whatever fabric you fancy and literally make the most beautiful bread bags. All you need to do is make it slightly round so you can find all different shapes in and add some string so it can be wrapped up. Here's an example of some I absolutely love, check it out.

You can even make one in the shape of a yoga mat bag, it will be perfect for your fresh morning baguette. Honestly, it's crazy how much my bread obsession has grown since I started buying freshly baked bread. It tastes sooo much better and there are so many different types to try. Even better, you can make your own. Trust me you'll feel like you've conquered life once you smell your freshly baked bread or in my case naan bread!


  • Keep your sandwiches safe

I am literally obsessed with these super cool sandwich bags. You could so easily make you're own at home. Not only would you have the coolest sandwiches around, but you would also be saving our oceans by not using clingfilm.

Clingfilm can't be recycled in our recycling bins at home. It can only be recycled at soft plastic bin points (occasionally found in supermarkets), that is as long as it has not food contamination at all. Even if you're wrapping doesn't, the possibility of somebody else's soft plastic having residue on it and contaminating the whole truck, leading it to a landfill is super high. Which is why we should just stay away from soft single-use plastics altogether.

These bags are perfect for any type of snack, fruit, sandwiches, nuts, you name it even sweets if that's what tickles your taste buds. All you need to do is chuck it in the wash with the rest of your clothes every few days.



Lesson #1 Complete

There you have it, you're Part 1 lesson in plastic-free shopping and consumption. Honestly, these simple like hacks will make all the difference when it comes to cutting out single-use plastic from your life. It may not seem like a big deal at first, but once you realise how much plastic you aren't wasting, you will realise how must the extra effort makes a difference.

You're doing something for the benefit of something other than yourself. How great does that make you feel? You are actually going the extra mile to make a difference. You really should be proud.

I hope you enjoyed Part 1.

I can't wait to see you back here for The Plastic Free Kickstarter | Part 2. 

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