The Plastic Free Kickstarter | Part 2 .

by Rebecca Veksler on August 26, 2019

The Plastic Free Kickstarter | Part 2 .

Welcome to Part 2.

After posting The Plastic Free Kickstarter Part 1. a couple of weeks ago now. We have had great feedback and a great response in terms of people wanting to gain more knowledge. So we are back! With even more information for you guys, and Part 2 of The Plastic Free Kickstarter. This week we will be spilling all the top tips and secret recipes for creating your dream plastic free bathroom.

If you haven't already then be sure to check out Part 1.

Part 2 - Bathroom Essentials

The bathroom is definitely right up there on par with the kitchen in terms of plastic consumption. We are told constantly through social media, television adverts and visionary sales that there are so many products we need. Not only to be beautiful but to also make our bathrooms insanely aesthetically pleasing.

The NOT SO Perfect Image

We are in competition with each on a daily basis in regards to who has the softest skin, or the whitest teeth, the longest eyelashes or looks like they've been on holiday in Bali for half the year. We have this ideal image of what we want to look like. Which for beauty companies has made it very easy, as we pretty much give our money away in the hope an 'easy 'fix' or a tiny slice of what we think to be 'perfection'. The downside is that not only are we broke a lot of the time, but we also end up with a ridiculous amount of plastic packaging. Plus numerous bottles that sit in our cupboards for years and take up space.

You know that ideal image you have in your head of the always clean, freshly smelling, perfectly kept bathroom. That too comes with a lot of plastic price tag. Think...all the toilet cleaners, scented candles and deodorisers, the super soft toilet roll you always get. Unfortunately, all these things come covered in plastic.


What if...

What if I told you, you could still have your dream bathroom without all of the plastic. Would you believe me? It's true, it is completely possible to reduce your plastic waste when it comes to cosmetics and household essentials.

Keep reading to find out exactly how...


The Good Stuff

Let's cut to the chase, shall we? Well first of all for anything you may need be sure to check out Plastic Freedom, especially if you feel you're not at a level of making your own essentials just yet. They have an amazing selection of waste-free and plastic-free products at super reasonable prices.

Skipping to my favourite part of this post though. Let's talk about making your own products. There are so many of your own bathroom products you can make at home, from toothpaste and make-up remover to toilet cleaner and washing powder.


Tooth Paste

Homemade toothpaste is probably one of the first things I made when I decided to cut down on my plastic waste. I was so surprised by how easy it is and absolutely loved the fact I knew what ingredients I was using. It also looks super cute in a little glass jar. So get searching those thrift stores!

The Recipe

2Tbsp Coconut Oil
1Tsbp Baking Soda
15-20 drops Peppermint Essential Oil
Blitzed Cocoa Nibs
*The cocoa nibs are not for flavour, but to add a bit of texture to the cleaning process. So make sure they are tiny.


Mouth Wash

No I know I said making toothpaste was easy but this was even easier. I literally didn't even have to leave the house as I already had everything I needed in my food cupboard. No nasty chemicals, no additives. Only natural ingredients going what they do best!

If you wanted the most aesthetically please mouthwash ever, you could even get your hands on a space SoL Bottle to store it in!

The Recipe

500ml Filtered water
20 drops Peppermint Essential Oil
1 tsp baking soda
3/4 tsp fine salt
3/4 tsp vanilla essence

*Give it a good shake before each use


Makeup Remover

This one is so good! It's literally a makeup remover and moisturiser in one. Now I try not to wear makeup too often, but when I do, this is what I use to remove it. Normally you would buy makeup remover in form of wipes, which are not only made out of plastic themselves and do not disintegrate, but they also come in a plastic wrap. Or you would buy them in a plastic bottle...slightly better as it can be recycled and reused, but really not by much!

The Recipe

Coconut Oil
6-8 Drops of Rosemary Essential Oil
8-12 Drops of Lavender or Fankenscent Essential Oil (skin soothing)
1 tsp Vitamin E (optional)
*The rosemary essential oil is a preservative, but you can play around with scents by changing the other essential oil.


Toilet Cleaner

Use up your scraps. This is literally the best recipe for using up food waste. We waste 1/3 of the food we purchase from the supermarkets. Food waste contributes to global warming by giving of methane gasses. This causes coral bleaching, ice caps melting, amongst numerous other disasters around the world.

Zero-waste Vinegar- The number one toilet cleaner. Honestly, this stuff is so great for cleaning everything! Windows, mirrors, jars, toilets, washing. It will be your new best friend I promise.

The Recipe

Fruit Scraps
1Tbsp Sugar
Filtered Water

*Give it a quick shake every day

PArt 2 


Lesson #2 Complete

Part 2. Finished! I hope you guys all enjoyed this blog post a much as the last one. Keep us up to date on your homemade creations, by tagging #solmate on social media. As long as you are making a conscious effort to be the best you can be and reduce your plastic consumption, then you are already making more of a difference than most people.

I can't wait to see you back here for The Plastic Free Kickstarter | Part 3. 

Keep aiming for #planetlove

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