Zero Waste Cleaning Products for a Cleaner Future! Q&A with the Founder of Pleasant State.

by Rebecca Veksler on August 11, 2022
Following our incredible chat on the Sustainable Speaker Series Podcast with Sian Murray, co-founder of Pleasant State, we asked her a few questions. Read along to hear all about the brand and her journey towards creating an incredible, sustainable empire! 
  1. Tell us about Pleasant State - What is your core mission?

Pleasant State creates ethical products that make home care a form of self care. We're helping forward thinking people reduce their use of single-use plastics and toxic cleaning chemicals at home with our Australian made concentrated cleaning bars that dissolve to make effective, healthy and beautiful cleaning products.


  1. Tell us your biggest learning when it comes to the environment & sustainability? (Tell us about your wins and learnings) 


That there's no perfect solution. And expecting yourself to be perfect when it comes to living sustainability just causes overwhelm which then leads to inaction. Prior to Pleasant State I was definitely in the overwhelm category, I didn't know where to start. I often felt that things seemed hopeless. But what I quickly realised was that picking a few environmental issues and focusing your energy on them makes you much more effective in finding a solution towards the problem. For example, with Pleasant State we're stopping the production of single-use plastic cleaning products and helping customers remove toxic cleaning chemicals from their homes. To date we've saved over 70,000 plastic cleaning bottles from going to landfill, generated over 35,000 litres of toxin free cleaning products and donated over $38,000 to our charity partners. That's huge progress towards a healthier planet and sustainable world and we were able to achieve that by channeling our energy into those key issues. Of course in my everyday life I try to live as sustainably as possible but plastic and toxic chemicals are my obsession.

  1. What do you do internally and on a personal level to inspire your teams and friends/family to be more mindful about plastic use.

I recently visited my in-laws in Melbourne and when I walked in they said, "Quick! Hide the plastic, the plastic police are here!" I found it pretty funny but also surprising. I hadn't thought I had harped on about it that much but obviously I had. I try to make sure I'm not judgemental when I talk about plastic with friends and family. I've learnt a lot about the plastic issue through Pleasant State so I focus on trying to share what I know in an understanding way instead of lecturing. The response is normally really good. Everyone seems genuinely interested, fascinated and shocked. Particularly when I explain the difference between biodegradable, compostable and home compostable...That's a big one that not many people understand.

 In my personal life, I try to keep myself really inspired. I find that if I watch documentaries on the plastic issue and get out in nature where I can see the impacts first hand, it's a lot easier to stay motivated and avoid the temptation to head to the supermarket and stock up on my favourite lollies...Although that still happens sometimes.

  1. Your best advice to anyone wanting to make better consumer choices (quality over quantity mentality)

Ask more of the brands you shop from. Have a favourite fashion label but hate that they send products to you in plastic mailer bags? Email them! Let them know. Love lollies but hate buying plastic (we know I'm guilty)...Contact them and let them know they need to do better! Companies have a responsibility to do better for the environment. But if that's not enough for them, then I'm sure receiving emails from customers and seeing a drop in sales will help get the message through.

That being said, there are so many amazing small brands creating better alternatives that you can support. One of the best things about starting Pleasant State has been the amazing community we've built with like minded businesses. Support small and shop quality over quantity where you can.

  1. Tell us how the word “ sustainability “ makes you feel. What does it mean to you?

If I get really mindful for a moment, close my eyes and picture sustainability...It's crisp clean air, a crystal clear ocean and I'm laying on the most luscious green grass watching birds and butterflies fly over my head. What a vision! What I think I'm picturing is balance, harmony between people and the planet. To me, sustainability is about giving the next generation the opportunity to surf the same waves, hike the same mountains, dive to see the same reefs and experience the same wondrous world that I've been lucky enough to grow up in. To me, that is our biggest responsibility.


Visit Pleasant States website here to browse all of their incredible sustainable solutions! 


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