Zero Waste Week: The SoL Team give their SoLful Tips!

by Rebecca Veksler on September 06, 2021

In honour of Zero waste week all over the world, we thought we would share some of our favourite SoL products that help support us in living a more sustainable lifestyle! Some of our SoL team have offered to share their favourite products and some tips and tricks that changed their life! 

One of the first ones I personally wanted to highlight, is that our SoL Cups aren't just a cup for your coffee, they are a beautiful glass vessel, and work really well as a storage container in the fridge when you use the silicon lid and lid stopper! 

On a day when I know its going to be hectic with meetings, and I won't get time to eat, I usually boil an egg early in the morning and store it in a 4oz cups to enjoy later with some salad and a toast. 

Otherwise, its perfect for left overs, salad dressings and soups! That means spending less money on storage containers! 


Evelyn's tip - Global Operations and administration. 

Keeping hydrated is everyones challenge I think, so my SoL Bottle ( Both large and mini size) is my life saving pick that helps keep me sustainable and zero waste.

My bottle comes in my favourite colour, which means its the perfect accessory on my desk, making drinking a little more enjoyable.

The bonus, and the part I feel best about, not only does it keep me hydrated and avoids me using and purchasing single use plastic bottles but it also doubles as a vase for my flower obsession to avoid buying any new products and creating more waste. 

Nathan - Global Marketing and Australian sales. 

My SoL Tote is the SoL accessory I didn’t know I needed! I use her daily when taking my recycling out of my apartment and weekly when doing my food shop. The great thing about my SoL Tote, is that it holds me accountable to not over shop when I do my groceries, I find I give myself a list and make sure I only take what can fit in my Tote home to reduce my food waste. 

It means I am no longer coming home with 300 plastic single use bags from the grocery store, but only 1, my trusty SoL Tote. 

Rebecca - Founder and managing director of SoL. 

I originally designed the The SoL Pouch as the perfect little accessory for your SoL Cups if you're on the go and finished with your coffee, so it doesn't spill in your bag or car. But now it Is also my favourite Zero Waste hack!

I use it for all kinds of storage, instead of using, or buying glad wraps, foils or even extra plastic containers, I use it to store fruit, veggies, and some left overs. It seals really well, protects the food from going off, especially the vegetables, they stay ultra fresh! Its also the perfect little bag for makeup storage and toiletries. I know my sister in law Also loves it for storing baby bottles, leftovers and cutlery when she is on the go! Its pretty much the perfect spill free solution for your SoL cup, but also everything else! Its a great zero waste hack in my eyes, now I can't live without them. 

Rimma - Chief Financial Officer at SoL 

One of my favourite treats is a cold pressed juice or a smoothie. But going out and purchasing them from the shop feels wasteful and unessecary at the moment, so I have found so much joy in making smoothies and juices at home! So my absolute favourite zero waste product would be the 16oz SoL Cups! 

I get to take my smoothie/Juices while I walk Kenya ( the office dog ) without any of the guilt of buying a drink in a plastic takeaway cup! I usually accompany it with the reusable straws from our Straw kit! They fit perfectly into the lid of the 16oz cup so I can walk, sip happy and know I am not contributing to any waste what so ever! 




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