Zero Waste With Raw Bulk Foods

by Rebecca Veksler on February 15, 2022

All taste without the waste

Eliminate single-use plastic & waste from your pantry Forever.

  • Tell us about Raw Bulk Foods - What is your mission!

We are a True Zero Waste company that delivers Australian grown straight to your door minus the plastic junk, pesticide sprays and every other nasty you can think of.

Our mission is simple: to do good for you and for the planet. We are changing the way you shop for your pantry by offering you exactly what you need at your doorstep. We are fighting waste at every step of our operations by reusing raw materials, reducing over purchasing, reducing our footprint, and supporting local farmers.

2. Tell us about the products, why is it so special?


Raw Bulk will be the only pantry solution to tackle waste at the level we have.  It’s a 21st century way to shop, that allows for convenience whilst doing all it can to protect the planet. It’s a win-win.. 


We have designed our “starter kits” that include your up-cycled pantry jars that will aesthetically transform your pantry into a pantry you are proud of.  

You can then re-fill from over 260 Aussie ingredients.  Best of all this is done by a few clicks online & we deliver carbon neutral weekly to your door. 

Our refill bags are made of ocean trash and waste diverted from landfill and you send it back to us in our prepaid envelope so we can reuse them.  Our paper delivery bags are home compostable = Zero waste. 

We believe in doing business the right way for our community & our planet. We have partnered with leading organisations to pull plastic trash from the ocean which we can then reuse to produce our delivery & sourcing bags, refillable paper bags and our lifetime jars. (a circular closed-loop business)

  • Easy and Convenient: Order online anytime you want
  • Plastic-Free: Ditch sign use plastic from your pantry without lifetime forever jars
  • Ocean Clean up Help pull plastic trash from the ocean
  • No Food wastage: Order exactly what you want
  • Support Local: Eat Australian grown and support local farmers.


We have partnered with 4oceans to pull plastic trash from our oceans which we can then reuse rather to make beautiful. This is a partnership we are super stoked. 


Every pledge we receive on our Kickstarter campaign will equate to 464 plastic packets we will remove directly from the ocean. 



  • What are some of Raw Bulk Foods core values?


Accessible for everyone to consume everyday items in a better way.  No matter where you live, age, gender, race if you eat you can play a part in cleaning up the planet.  


We stand to do good for both people and the planet, to be doers not just talkers. We are committed to a better future, which means we are an organisation that has actions to really move the needle on cleaning up the planet and ocean and believe in sharing this with our community, our impact is their impact.


Raw Bulk Foods is deeply committed to pushing boundaries and not settling for old ways of doing business that are harming us.  Innovation is part of our heartbeat to reinvent and find new ways of doing business that protects the planet, supports the people with convenience & beautiful product to make a sustainable pantry easy.



  • Tell us your biggest learning when it comes to the environment & sustainability?


When it comes to the environment & sustainability I learn every single day, every day I learn something I didn’t know before.  When I started to investigate sustainability and especially build a sustainable business.  I felt it was completely overwhelming I quickly learnt its ok to not be perfect, but to concentrate on the small things as I believe these small switches lead to the largest positive environmentally changes.  


However, the biggest shock I faced was, the pantry supply chain, ingredients are broken down and repackaged each time in single use plastic up to 5 times, this just seemed bonkers to me.  

On average 1 tonne of rice equates to 2251 single-use plastic packets used once and thrown away. 


As a customer I had no idea this happened, it blew my mind & it goes without saying this is not sustainable for our planet nor is it good for you. 



5. How do you implement sustainability into your daily practice, what makes you a solmate?


The top daily sustainable little hacks I have adopted overtime and I use nearly everyday

  • Reusable coffee cup & water bottle
  • Glass Jars for storage 
  • Homemade House Cleaning products 
  • Soap bars, Shampoo & Conditioner Bars
  • Farmers market shops 
  • I always try to cook from scratch which eliminates over packaging


These are the top 6 I would do most days. 



As for Raw bulk foods Sustainability has never been afterthought for us, it’s what our business is built on that is our business “sustainability”.  The everyday items like rice, muesli, pasta etc has been around forever we make these products that are currently harsh on the planet due to the supply chain, excessive amounts of waste and single use plastic, we make these sustainable without the sacrifice or loss of convenience. 


We love sol cups, we wouldn’t say we are activists we are everyday people that saw a better way to solve a current problem.  


I recently listened to a live Rebecca did where she said “there are doers and talkers” and instantly this resonated with our core values, it’s something we talk about across our team often. We usually say 

“Talk less do more” 


As sustainable businesses we are striving for the same outcomes I believe to not make sustainability overwhelming and this thing that seems too hard, but more to inspire the small changes, show that eco choices can be far more beautiful than the old ways that usually come at huge health & environmental costs. 


Our Kickstarter campaign will be live on 15th for p, we are asking for your support to get this huge idea off the ground. 



Insta: @rawbulkfoodsonline 



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