Brighten up your work

Environment with

SoL Cups!





How many takeaway cups and plastic water bottles do you and your employees throw away on average each week? All those on-the-go containers purchased on the way to and from work, on lunch breaks and for meetings add up!


SoL's Co-Branding is the perfect way to position your brand's logo onto our range of premium quality, sustainable products.  We can colour match your logo to any Pantone colour, and have orders turned around in approximately 2 weeks with no MOQ's. Simply send us you logo in EPS format and intended QTY, colour choice and product size,  and we can send you a complimentary mockup and detailed quote within 1 business day. This is perfect for both wholesale and corporate. 


Be the change! 

SoL Cups can help your company break away from that harfmul single-use mindset, and begin cultivating more environmentally sound habits – as a team.

So, be proactive with your corporate social responsibility by choosing SoL Cups – the environmentally and health conscious choice.


Gift with SoL 

SoL Cups make the perfect gifts for your employees, clients or hot leads – they’re a thoughtful offering that reflects your authenticity, credibility and real value, and they won’t be thrown away. Choose from an array of eye-catching colours in our range and personalise them with your business logo to create

A lasting impression.

Because SoL Cups are both incredibly functional and beautifully designed, it’s a corporate gift that your lucky recipient will actually enjoy using! This repeated exposure becomes an amazing brand-awareness opportunity for your company, as well as a positive experience for your client or employee.


Added extras

On-the-go Pouch
We also offer a biodegradable, reusable and machine-washable pouch to accompany your SoL Cup. It’s our little stroke of genius – the no-spill, no-hassle way to store them in your bag after finishing your on-the-go beverage!
SoL Tote Bag.
  Our Shopping tote bag is the perfect addition to your weekly shopping routine. Perfect for groceries, markets and all things heavy. our Sol tote is a strong Hemp woven bag with a nice soft handle to support your shoulder.


Build you own bundle! 

Personalise a bundle and save cost,  with your logo co-branded on a variety of products form our range. We even created a plastic free kit to kick start your teams journey into the world of sustainability!