Hi SoLmates!

Here are ten ways to be more self loving during the month of February, which, we are personally proclaiming as the month of self love. Your own happy Valentines! We want you to be your own SoLmate!

We think the month of February should focus on all things sustainability and self care. So we teamed up with some of our favourite women from Pilates studio Sculpt By the Sea! 

You can tune into our socials to see their video on how they keep positive, self loving and happy in Feb! In the meantime, here are some of their top tips, in a more "pilates" kind of way :) 


  • Exercising? End your key movement with pulses... then 8 more.  More is more and less is a bore! 
  • Keep well hydrated — more water, more wine. Use your SoL bottles daily to ensure you are drinking enough. 
  • At every red light, hold your pelvic floor. Squeeze girl! 
  • Drink sparkling water to get that buzz - Perfect in SoL's naked glasses.
  • Stretch out those glutes — with every exhale, go deeper. 
  • Tell your friends you love them & give them a squeeze. Remember to give yourself a little squeeze too. Be your own SoLmate.
  • Make time for you — a seaside sculpt session followed by a saltwater swim. 
  • Wake up to watch the sunrise — the sun wants to be adored. Just remember to bring your coffee in a SoL cup 
  • Sex & the city — ALWAYS - It's okay to have a little netflix and chill on your own. 
  • Treat yourself to that indulgent mocha, latte coffee in your favourite Sol Cup. One for you and one for the environment. Yes please! 


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