Our Story

SoL was founded with a truth-seeking spirit and fierce determination: to create reusable products that are stylish and don't harm your health.

Every idea starts with a problem, ours was that stylish reusable products made from high-quality, glass material just wasn't a thing.
In 2016 I was just diagnosed with an autoimmune condition and I spent my time in recovery learning new ways to optimise my health and about the environment.
 I was shocked to learn that micro plastics from PET found in single-use water bottles can travel around your body and may lodge in your organs.
Why on Earth was the world still using single-use products?
I get it. People are busy running around, trying to keep up their water intake and productivity with multiple coffees per day. Grabbing a water bottle from your local servo and a takeaway from your favourite Barista feels easy. All you have to do is buy it, drink it and chuck it.
So I started SoL to provide a sustainable solution. 
By developing light-weight, 100% Borosilicate glass reusable products that are elegant in shape and stylish, we're making it fun for millions of SoLmates to use their favourite reusable cup and bottle daily.
We believe that if everyone makes a tiny shift in their habits, the planet will be a cleaner place to enjoy now and for generations to come.
The truth is that every year almost 500 billion single-use plastic cups are used with 14 million tons of plastic ending up in our oceans. To address this problem, we host regular beach clean-ups with our community of SoLmates and like-minded companies whilst encouraging millions across the globe to use a reusable cup and bottle they'll use and use and use.  
Because at the end of the day? You are the solution.
- Rebecca Veksler, SoL Founder

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