SoL was founded with a truth-seeking spirit and fierce passion: to create sustainable products that are beautifully designed and don't compromise your health.

Every great idea starts with a solution. SoL exists to create incredibly thoughtful designed products, that feel elegant, beautiful and don't compromise your health. Quality is our super power and our aesthetic packaging, colour ways and accessories are designed to compliment every SoLMates personality. 


My name is Rebecca Veksler, and I am the founder and managing director of Sol Cups. I was 21 when the company launched in 2016, and every single year I am amazing and inspired again and again about how much there is to learn and do in the world of sustainability. Although at times it feels like we barely scratch the surface, i hold blind faith, that with every cup sold, we are connecting to an amazing human who believes in the same mission as us, that we have the power to change the world and impact the environment around us in a positive way, through empowered, conscious consumer decisions. 
If I had to compose what SoL means to me, it's the essence of SoLful.

SoL is for the fun loving, passionate and emotional. For those who live with their hearts on their sleeves.

SoL cares about more than just having fun, we want to protect our world and the people in it too. We’re passionate about creating a better, more positive world, one cup at a time. Leading the way in sustainable design doesn’t mean we take ourselves too seriously though, life’s too short for that.

SoL at its core is a family business, so it has a lot of love behind it. The real passion and idea came from a bit of a harder time in my life. I was hit by an intense auto immune disease, and my body and nervous system essentially crashed. My family had always taught me about health, environment and the body growing up, we never had sugar, preservatives or unnecessary plastic in the house. They really instilled a desire to educate and investigate in me. So I put my passions for the environment, body and love to inspire into a small passion project, while I was stuck in bed for months. It is pretty inspiring to see where it has taken us. 

Our mission is to end single-use plastics, as well as decrease the need for plastic production all together. The fact is, it’s all well and good for us and consumers to use re-usable items, but they still have a life span. we need to consider the end life, where will it end up? We need to create more mindful, educated and supported consumers..this can only happen with company transparency and regulation. We really love collaborating with like minded companies and organisations like Terracycle, Sustainable Salons and ESG alike to help share as many solutions as possible.

Why create a product made from plastic, when that is the entire issue! If we as an industry, as global movement can stop producing non recyclable plastic, then maybe we can start prioritising and innovating in what to do with all of the landfill we already have, and in turn focusing more on supporting local recycling initiatives within your community and council. We don't need any more short term solutions. it's SoLs' goal to be part of the solution and not the problem.


Did you know there are 26 (on average) plastic takeaway cups, inside a plastic re-usable cup. That seems insane to me, it is literally fast tracking the problem by creating more plastic than ever before.

We will continue to innovate and attempt to use new and environmentally friendly products. 

Love, Rebecca. 



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